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Is General Test Compulsory for CUET 2024 Examination?

Author : Akash Kumar Singh

Updated On : November 1, 2023


Overview: Learn whether the General Test is compulsory for CUET exam. Discover the sections, qualifying requirements, and benefits of taking the General Test. Examine exam patterns and effective preparation strategies to improve your chances of success. Learn about the many components of the CUET, including as language, domain-specific subjects, and the extremely important general test. 

The National Testing Agency (NTA) administers the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) for admission to over 250 universities in India. CUET is an important exam for students seeking admission to undergraduate programmes at several universities in India.  

CUET general test offers students a fair chance to demonstrate their ability and opens access to a variety of programmes.  

So, get ready to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to begin your academic adventure! 

Those planning to pursue an undergraduate degree at an institution across the country should take the test. Admissions will be based on the scores as well as the qualifying conditions. 

CUET General Test Overview  

Particulars Details
Exam Name CUET 2024 General Test
Sections General Knowledge, Current Affairs General Mental Ability, Numerical Ability Reasoning (simple application of basic mathematical concepts quantitative arithmetic / algebra geometry / mensuration / statistics) Logical and Analytical Reasoning
Number of questions 60
Number of questions to be attempted 50
Type of questions MCQ
Durations 60 Minutes

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What kind of results do you get in the CUET general division?

The general test component evaluates the student's general knowledge and familiarity with current events. Unfamiliarity is exacerbated by the fact that enquiries can arise from any newspaper article. With proper planning and strategy, students can pass the general test component of the CUET entrance exam 2024

Eligibility Criteria of CUET 2024 

To take the CUET Exam 2024, students must have finished their Class 12th or equivalent from a recognised institution. Applicants must, however, examine the age requirements of the university of their choosing. Individuals should look into the programme details on the university's website for more information because different universities may have different qualifying standards for admission. 

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Is general test compulsory for CUET?  

Aspirants frequently ask whether the general test is necessary for CUET. The general exam section evaluates the student's understanding of current events and current affairs. However, applicants frequently question, "Is general test compulsory for CUET?"

The CUET General Test is not necessary for all programmes at the major institutions. Only 60% of programmes require the General Test. It is fully dependent on the specifications of the targeted university. 

For the remaining 40% of programmes, you can still take the general test. It is useful since the general component of the CUET question paper can boost one's chances of being admitted to a specific university. 

To answer the question, "Is the general test compulsory for CUET 2024?" No, it doesn't. However, taking the exam is recommended because it can improve a candidate's chances of acceptance into a variety of universities and schools. 

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Sections of the CUET Exam:  

The CUET exam consists of four sections:  

  1. Language (IA & IB): Language (IA & IB): Through reading comprehension and vocabulary-based questions, this section examines candidates' language skills.
  2. Domain-Specific subjects (II): This section focuses on subject-specific knowledge in disciplines such as accounting, economics, mathematics, and physics, among others.
  3. General Test (III): This section measures candidates' general knowledge, current affairs, mental ability, numerical skills, and reasoning abilities.

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Exam Pattern of CUET 2024 General Test 

Candidates will be able to understand the exam format after taking the CUET General examination. The CUET exam pattern includes details such as the number of answers, sections that will be assessed, exam length, and other parameters. The CUET Exam Pattern for General Test is as follows: 

  • The exam will include a total of 60 questions.  
  • Candidates must respond to 50 questions.  
  • All of the responses will be multiple-choice (MCQ) questions of an objective nature. 

The table below shows which sections are included, the total questions, and the duration of the CUET general test exam pattern. 

Sections Total Number of Questions Number of Questions to be Attempted Duration
General Knowledge 60 50 60 Minutes
Current Affairs
General Mental Ability
Numerical Ability
Quantitative Reasoning
Logical and Analytical Reasoning

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How should you prepare for the questions of the General test?  

Here are some tips and tricks to ace the general test in CUET Exam: 

Candidates preparing for the CUET General Test 2024 may feel overwhelmed or concerned about their preparation. To help them, we've compiled a list of suggestions and recommendations to help potential test-takers prepare for the exam and boost their chances of admission to the university of their choice. 

  • Reading is required for general knowledge. Students should read publications, novels, and other online and offline literature on a frequent basis to widen their perspective and stay up to date on current events. 
  • Reading or listening to the news is significant to stay well-informed about the world. 
  • Interacting with other individuals is another method of increasing broad awareness. Candidates can gain a better understanding of the major issues affecting the country and the world by chatting with people they know. 
  • Applicants should take note of significant aspects in the news and go through them again before the exam. 
  • Several websites provide tests on the most recent news. Applicants can take tests to determine their level of preparedness. 
  • Students are advised to assess their performance and analyse their incorrect responses. 
  • Students should be familiar with science, technology, Indian history, books, authors, countries, cities, innovations, awards, sports, and notable events in order to understand general knowledge topics well. 

In conclusion, while not required, taking the general test for CUET 2024 is recommended because it broadens your options for admission to many central universities. Prepare properly for this key component to improve your general knowledge and increase your chances of academic achievement. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • CUET's General Test is not required for all programs; it depends on the university's criteria, needed for about 60% of programs.
  • The General Test assesses general knowledge and reasoning, enhancing admission chances.
  • CUET comprises four sections: Language, Domain-Specific subjects, and the vital General Test.
  • Effective General Test preparation involves reading, staying updated on current events, and practicing with news quizzes.

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