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What is General Test in CUET 2024 [Syllabus & Marks Weightage]

Author : Aparna

Updated On : November 16, 2023


Overview: Venturing into the realm of what is general test in CUET 2024? Equip yourself with detailed insights on the CUET General Test 2024 exam pattern, syllabus, essential books, and preparation strategies through this guide. 

CUET has become an essential gateway for all those aspirants who wish to secure admission into esteemed CUET-participating colleges. 

Among the various sectional tests under CUET, the General Test holds unique significance. 

Unlike specialized papers that gauge domain-specific knowledge, the General Test assesses the broad academic and cognitive abilities of the candidates.

This article sheds light on its intricacies, offering you a roadmap to success and helping you score excellent marks in GT.  

What is General Test in CUET 2024? 

Section III General Test is a comprehensive test that is the final section in CUET measuring students' general, logical, and analytical abilities. 

The exam pattern and syllabus for this section can be easily downloaded from the official website of CUET or by clicking on the link below. 

Download the CUET General Test 2024 exam pattern and Syllabus

What is CUET General Test Exam Pattern 2024 

The general CUET exam pattern includes the following sections:

  • Section 1 (A & B): Language 
  • Section 2: Domain-Specific Subject 
  • Section 3: General Test 

CUET General Test 2024: Number of Questions

CUET General Test Exam Pattern 2024 includes one Question Paper, which will have 60 questions, out of which 50 must be attempted. 

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What is CUET General Test Exam Syllabus 2024 

The General Test in CUET Question paper contains questions from the following topics: 

  • General Knowledge, Current Affairs 
  • General Mental Ability, Numerical Ability 
  • Reasoning (Simple application of basic mathematical concepts Quantitative arithmetic/algebra/geometry/mensuration/statistics) 
  • Logical and Analytical Reasoning 

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CUET General Test Important Topics 2024 

The general test section 3 CUET important topics are as listed below -

Quantitative Aptitude  Time-Work, Time-Speed-Distance, Mensuration, Ratio and Percentage, Conversion, Trigonometry, Average, Compound interest, Simple Interest, Mode and Median, Time and Speed, Percentage 
Logical Reasoning  Direction, Analogy, Blood Relation, Number Series, Cube and dice, Calendar, Verbal Analogy, General Mental Ability, Reciting Chronological order Coding and Decoding 
General Knowledge  Politics, Sports, History, Current Affairs, President, Rivers Capitals, Padma Shri Award, State Capitals Currency GDP 

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What is CUET General Test Marking Scheme 2024

Check the marking scheme for section 3:

Section  General Test 
Mode  Online 
Medium  English/ Language Chosen in Section I 
Type of Questions  Objective 
Number of Questions (to be attempted)  50 Questions to be attempted out of 60 
Total Marks  (+5) * number of questions to be attempted 
Marking Scheme  Correct Answer: +5 
Incorrect Answer: -1 
Unattempted Answer: 0 

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CUET General Test Preparation Tips 2024

Here’s how to approach the CUET GT preparations -

1. Understand the CUET Exam Pattern

Questions are separated into five sections -

  • General Knowledge 
  • Current Affairs 
  • General Mental Ability 
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Numerical Ability 

Pick the important topics from the above list and start practising them.

Check: CUET General Test Syllabus

2. Create a Study Plan

Make a timeline to cover all topics by preparing a timetable that suits your schedule and convenience, leaving ample time for revision before the test.

Have realistic goals for each day and each week, and be sure to stick with them. 

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3. Focus on Basics

Build a strong foundation by mastering the basics of numerical problems. 

Make sure to practice difficult topics more often.

Read newspapers and GK materials to cover current affairs.

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4. Solve Previous Year's Question Papers

Practice CUET general test question paper and previous year's question papers to get a feel of the type of questions asked and the exam pattern. 

5. Utilize Mock Tests

Participate in online mock tests to simulate the actual exam environment and evaluate your level of preparedness. 

Review your results after each mock test and work on the areas that require improvement. 

6. Improve Your Speed and Accuracy

Time management is key in any test.

Practice answering questions while keeping a timer to improve your accuracy and speed. 

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CUET General Test Books 2024

You can refer to the following CUET general test book for better preparations.

  • How to Crack Test of Arithmetic by Arihant publication 
  • Fast Track Objective Arithmetic by Rajesh Verma 
  • Quantitative Aptitude by Dr R S Aggarwal 

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Is the General Test compulsory for CUET 2024? 

The CUET General test is not compulsory. However, top universities like DU advise students to take the general test.

By taking general tests, students can showcase their skills and abilities, giving universities a better understanding of the potential of the candidate. 

Students who decide to take the test may have a competitive advantage when applying to these prestigious institutions. 

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Getting started early is crucial so you have ample time to familiarize yourself with the CUET general test syllabus, exam format, and type of questions. It's crucial to practice with CUET mock examinations, study from good online and offline material, and allot time to become accustomed to the exam. For successful and efficient preparation, it's also critical to make a study plan and follow it. 

Key Takeaways:

  • The syllabus covers General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Numerical Ability, Logical Reasoning, and more.
  • While the CUET General Test is not compulsory, it can enhance a candidate's profile for admission to prestigious institutions.
  • The exam pattern includes 60 questions, out of which candidates need to attempt 50.

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