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CUET Marking Scheme 2024: Know how Marking scheme works

Author : Aparna

Updated On : November 16, 2023


Overview: The foundation of every entrance exam, including CUET, is the design of the marking scheme to assess the test-taker's performance. Take a look at the CUET marking scheme 2024 and calculate your scores!

The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) serves as a gateway for students aiming to secure a seat in more than 250+ universities across India.

Given its importance, understanding every aspect of the examination, especially the marking scheme, is crucial for aspirants.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the CUET marking scheme 2024 to guide you in calculating scores and strategising your preparations. 

CUET Marking Scheme 2024: The Basics 

CUET entrance exam has MCQ and objective type of questions asked in the paper.

For Multiple Choice Questions

As per the CUET Exam Pattern, to answer questions in the CUET paper, you need to choose one or more options that are the correct answer or the most appropriate answer.

CUET Marking Scheme 2024: Calculations

Once you have the final CUET answer key 2024, here is how you can calculate your CUET scores: 

  • i. Correct answer or the most appropriate answer: Five marks (+5) 
  • ii. Any incorrect option marked will be given minus one mark (-1)
  • iii. Unanswered/Marked for Review will be given no mark (0)
  • iv. If more than one option is found to be correct, then Five marks (+5) will be awarded to only those who have marked any of the correct options
  • vi. If all options are found to be correct, then Five marks (+5) will be awarded to all those who have attempted the question
  • vii. If none of the options is found correct, or a question is found to be wrong, or a question is dropped, then all candidates who have attempted the dropped question will be given five marks (+5) marks

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Section-wise CUET Marking Scheme 2024 

The marking scheme for all 3 sections in the CUET exam pattern is as follows -

Parameters  CUET exam pattern 2024 - Language Test  CUET exam pattern 2024 - Domain Test  CUET exam pattern 2024 - General Test 
Number of Questions (to be attempted)  40 questions are to be attempted out of 50  35/40 questions to be attempted out of 45/50  50 Questions to be attempted out of 60 
Total Marks  (+5) * number of questions to be attempted  (+5) * number of questions to be attempted  (+5) * number of questions to be attempted 
Marking Scheme  Correct Answer: +5  Correct Answer: +5  Correct Answer: +5 
Incorrect Answer: -1  Incorrect Answer: -1  Incorrect Answer: -1 
Unattempted Answer: 0  Unattempted Answer: 0  Unattempted Answer: 0 

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Is there a Negative Marking in CUET? 

Yes, the marking scheme of CUET has negative markings!

Every incorrect answer will be given minus one mark (-1). Choose to answer every question carefully.

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CUET PG Marking Scheme 2024 

Similar to that of CUET UG, NTA has a designed marking scheme for the PG test as well, which is listed below.

  • i) Each question carries 04 (four) marks
  • ii) For each correct response, the candidate will get 04 (four) marks
  • iii) For each incorrect response, 01 (one) mark will be deducted from the total score
  • iv) Unanswered/unattempted responses will be given no marks
  • v) To answer a question, the candidate needs to choose one option as the correct option
  • vi) However, after the process of Challenges of the Answer Key, in case there are multiple correct options or changes in the key, only those candidates who have attempted it correctly as per the revised Final Answer Key will be awarded marks. 
  • vii) In case a Question is dropped due to some technical error, full marks shall be given to all the candidates irrespective of the fact who have attempted it or not. 

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Implementing the CUET Marking Scheme 2024 

  • According to the university's eligibility requirements, standards, laws, regulations, guidelines, or rules, other organizations can utilize the CUET (UG) 2024 scores or results. 
  • The University, Institution, or Organization can admit any applicant who has applied for the CUET (UG) - 2024 exam, regardless of whether the candidate had selected that University, Institution, or Organization at the time of CUET (UG) - 2024 registration.
  • The applicant must also fulfil the prerequisites for enrollment in the specific course. 
  • For multi-shift papers, raw (actual) marks obtained by the candidates in different shifts/sessions will be converted to NTA Score.
  • The NTA Score of CUET (UG) – 2024 is valid for admission to the academic year 2024 only. 

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CUET Revaluation Process 2024 

  • The CUET Final Answer Keys will be used to process the results.
  • Following the announcement of the CUET (UG) 2024 results, no complaints regarding the Answer Key(s) will be considered. 
  • The scores achieved will be taken into further consideration when calculating the CUET (UG) 2024 outcome. 
  • The CUET result cannot be reevaluated or double-checked. In this regard, no correspondence will be taken into consideration. 
  • You are advised to download the scorecard from the CUET official website, as there will be no scorecards sent out through any other medium. 

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Calculation of CUET Marks 

The CUET score is calculated based on the prescribed marking scheme used for the exam. 

Here are steps to calculate the CUET score for the examination. 

Step 1: Log into the official portal of CUET UG and download the response sheet and CUET Answer Key.

Step 2: Determine the total number of questions attempted in the CUET exam. 

Step 3: Use the CUET answer key to determine the total number of correct answers and incorrect answers

Step 4: Resort to the marking scheme to calculate the raw score for the examination. 

Step 5: Use the following formula to calculate the raw score. 

(Number of correct answers x 5) - (Number of incorrect answers x 1) 

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Why is Understanding the Marking Scheme Important? 

Here are a few crucial pointers supporting the importance of the CUET Marking Scheme 2024: 

Strategizing Attempts: Knowing the penalty for wrong answers can help you decide whether to take a risk on uncertain answers or skip them. 

Enhancing Accuracy: By being aware of the negative marking, you can focus on accuracy over quantity, ensuring you attempt questions you are confident about. 

Calculating Probable Score: Post-examination, you can use the marking scheme to estimate the tentative scores using the CUET answer key 2024

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The CUET marking scheme 2024, with its blend of positive and negative markings, is designed to assess a candidate's genuine knowledge and understanding of the subjects. Being well-acquainted with this scheme is pivotal for candidates, allowing them to navigate the examination with a clear strategy. Remember, while securing high marks is important, ensuring that you don't lose marks due to avoidable mistakes is equally crucial. 

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Key takeaways:

  • CUET uses a marking scheme of +5 marks for correct answers, -1 marks for incorrect answers, and 0 marks for unanswered questions.
  • Candidates should be aware of the potential for negative marking.
  • Multiple correct answers can result in +5 marks for any selected correct option.
  • CUET scores are not subject to reevaluation, and results are considered final.
  • Understanding the marking scheme helps in strategizing and optimizing performance during the CUET exam.

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