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What is City Intimation Slip in CUET 2024 Exam? Significance

Author : Akash Kumar Singh

Updated On : November 16, 2023


Summary: The CUET City Intimation Slip is a critical document for students applying for admission through the CUET exam. Learn about the city where you will take your CUET exam. 

Here is the latest updates on the CUET city intimation slip: 

The National Testing Agency will release the CUET Test City Slip for students taking the CUET 2024 entrance exam in the final stages. 

The city intimation slip for CUET's subsequent phases will be announced by CUET before to the exam. If your CUET City Information Slip is still unavailable, your exam may be moved to the next level. 

What is the CUET City Intimation Slip 2024? 

The CUET City Intimation Slip, also known as the CUET Exam City Slip, serves as a comprehensive resource delineating the cities where the CUET Entrance Examinations will transpire for all phases of the CUET 2024 Exam. This document holds pivotal information about the examination, including: 

  • Examination Name 
  • Name of Candidate 
  • Name of conducting Body 
  • Date of Birth 
  • Application Number 
  • Exam City Centre 

In the context of the current examination cycle, the National Testing Agency (NTA) has unveiled the city intimation slips and center-related information for candidates with examinations scheduled between March 11 to May 31, 2024.

This release of CUET information streamlines candidates' preparedness and enables them to concentrate on the CUET examination without unnecessary concerns regarding logistics. 

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CUET City Intimation Slip for last academic year. 




Phase 1 of CUET 2024 

To be announced 

Phase 2 of CUET 2024 

To be announced 

Phase 3 of CUET 2024 

To be announced 

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Why is the CUET City Intimation Slip important? 

This CUET Exam City Slip offers participants with a breakdown of the exam centres where they can take their exam based on their specific exam dates, allowing them to properly plan and prepare for their upcoming entrance examination. 

Candidates must enter their application number, date of birth, and security pin in the login box in order to get the city allotment letter or city slip. Candidates should continuously checking the NTA CUET official website for the most recent information. 

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How to download CUET city intimation slip 2024 online? 

Candidates taking the CUET Postgraduate entrance exam can download the exam city slip by following the instructions outlined below: 

  • Visit the official CUET 2024 website at cuet.nta.nic.in. 
  • Locate and click on the direct link labeled "CUET PG Exam City Slip" on the homepage, listed under the candidate's activity. 
  • A new login window will appear. Enter the necessary login credentials to proceed. 
  • Once logged in, the CUET 2024 city intimation slip will be presented on the screen. 
  • Ensure to either download or print a hard copy of the slip for future reference. 

NOTE: It is possible that when you click the 'Download/Print Advance Information for Allotment of Exam City Centre' button, the download does not start. Instead, you might encounter a 'Not Found' notice. 

Please do not panic. This means that your CUET Exam 2024 has been postponed, and you may have already received notification through email, or you will soon get notification from the National Testing Agency. 

Last Year's CUET City Intimation Slip Details 

The CUET City Intimation Slip 2024 for CUET exam will be made available. It will be made available to candidates in different phases. 

Candidates can select their 'Exam City Option' via the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS). More information will be supplied directly with the candidate's officially registered number, as shared in the CUET Application Form, to comprehend how to make this pick. Candidates can reach the NTA at the following phone numbers: 011-40759000 and 011-69227700. 

Contents of CUET City Intimation Slip 2024 

The CUET City Intimation Slip displays the following information:  

  • Date of the exam 
  • Shift of the examination 
  • Subjects/Test Papers 
  • Medium chosen during the online Application Form

What does it means if you're unable to see your City Intimation Slip? 

Some candidates may have selected subjects other than those listed on the City Intimation Slip; these will be issued later. 

Additionally, the reserve days will be kept as buffer days. If you are unable to read or download your CUET exam City Slip, it simply means that your exam has been postponed. 

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What does it mean if all your subjects are not shown on your City Intimation Slip? 

The additional subjects will arrive in due course. The National Testing Agency has allotted pupils city slips based on the availability of exam locations, time slots, and so on. Keep monitoring your dashboard on the official website for updates on your remaining subjects and other exam-related information. 

How many cities is the CUET 2024 Exam being held in? 

The CUET exam is being held in 411 cities at the same time, including 24 cities outside of India. 

Note: Candidates should be aware that the City Intimation Slip is NOT the admit card of CUET UG. To assist candidates, preliminary information on selecting the city where the CUET examination center will be located is provided below. 

The CUET UG 2024 Admit Card is a separate document that must be downloaded separately from the official website. 

Whom to contact for more information about CUET City Intimation Slip? 

The NTA provides lines of communication for candidates who require further support. Questions about downloading or validating the CUET (UG) Examination City Intimation Slip can be sent to the NTA by phone at 011 - 40759000 or 011 - 69227700. Candidates can also submit an email to cuet-ug@nta.ac.in. 


Candidates starting their CUET journey are encouraged to check the official website on a regular basis for the most latest changes and information about the exam. The CUET City Intimation Slip acts as a map, guiding applicants to a smooth test experience.

Candidates can improve their preparedness and confidence as they approach the CUET examination by comprehending its significance, adhering to established standards, and staying up to date on the newest advancements. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • CUET City Intimation Slip provides exam center details.
  • NTA releases slips for different CUET 2024 phases.
  • Slip includes candidate info and exam city center.
  • Regularly check NTA CUET website for updates.
  • Download the slip using login credentials.
  • Missing slip may indicate exam postponement.
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