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CUET PG MBA Syllabus 2024: Download Subject Wise Syllabus PDF

Author : Shashwat Srivastava

Updated On : November 16, 2023


Overview: Discover the keys to unlocking your MBA dreams! In the following sections, we'll break down the CUET PG MBA Syllabus 2024, offering insights and tips that will elevate your preparation. Whether you're aiming for linguistic finesse, mathematical mastery, or logical prowess, we've got you covered in the article below!

Exciting News for MBA Aspirants: CUET PG 2024 Exam Dates Announced

Are you gearing up for the CUET PG MBA 2024 exam? Well, here's a reason to mark your calendars and kickstart your preparations with renewed enthusiasm! The National Testing Agency (NTA) has recently made a much-awaited announcement: the official exam dates for CUET PG 2024. 

With the dates now in the public domain, the countdown to one of the most challenging and sought-after MBA entrance exams has begun. Aspiring business leaders and management enthusiasts, this is your moment! 

To help you score aces in this exam, we present a comprehensive guide to the CUET PG MBA Syllabus 2024. Understanding this syllabus is not simply needed; it's your preparation strategy essential. 

Key Contents

  • Introduction to the significance of the CUET PG MBA 2024 exam.
  • Overview of the CUET PG MBA Syllabus 2024 structure.
  • In-depth breakdown of the Verbal Ability section in English and Hindi.
  • Coverage of vital quantitative skills, such as partnership, interest, profit & loss, and percentages.
  • Explanation of logical reasoning skills, including ranking, statements, and numerical reasoning.
  • Focus on data interpretation, including various graph and chart types.
  • Examination format and guidelines, including question format and language choices.

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Overview of CUET PG MBA Syllabus 2024 

The General Paper (MBA etc.) (COQP12) sets the structure for the MBA Syllabus.  

It's essential to know the format and distribution of questions to strategize the preparation effectively. 

Language Comprehension/ Verbal Ability 

Verbal ability plays a pivotal role in management studies. It tests the candidate's proficiency in either English or Hindi. 

English Comprehension:

The CUET PG MBA Syllabus 2024 emphasizes: 

  • English Grammar
  • Basic rules of sentence structure 
  • Parts of speech 
  • English Usage Errors
  • Spotting and correcting common mistakes in language usage 
  • Jumbled Para & Sentence Correction
  • Rearrange jumbled sentences to form a meaningful paragraph 
  • Correct wrongly structured sentences 
  • Reading Comprehension & Paragraph Completion
    • Read and understand passages 
    • Complete paragraphs using the correct sentences 
  • Vocabulary
    • Synonyms: Words that mean the same 
    • Antonyms: Words that mean the opposite 
  • One-word Substitution: Replace a sentence or phrase with a single word 
  • Idioms & Phrases: Understand and use common English idioms and phrases 

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Hindi Comprehension (हिन्दी पाठ बोधन):

For those opting for Hindi, the CUET PG MBA Syllabus 2024 covers: 

  • Hindi Grammar (हिन्दी व्याकरण)
  • Basic rules and structures of the Hindi language 
  • Incorrect Usage (अशुद्ध प्रयोग)
  • Identify and correct common mistakes in Hindi language usage 
  • Sentence Structures and Improvements
  • Correct and improve sentence formations 
  • Vocabulary in Hindi
  • Synonyms: Words with similar meanings 
  • Antonyms: Words with opposite meanings 
  • Single-word Substitutions: Replace a sentence or phrase with a single word in Hindi 
  • Hindi Idioms and Phrases (मुहावरे एवं कहावतें)
  • Understand and use common Hindi idioms and phrases 

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Maths/Quantitative Ability 

Quantitative skills are essential in the business world. The CUET PG MBA Syllabus 2024 covers: 

  • Partnership 
    • Understanding how partners in a business share profits, losses, and investments. 
  • Interest Calculations 
    • Simple Interest: Calculating interest based on the principal amount only. 
    • Compound Interest: Calculating interest on both the initial principal and accumulated interests of previous periods. 
  • Profit & Loss 
    • Calculating the profit made or loss incurred over a specific period. 
  • Percentages 
    • Understanding the concept of percentages and its application in various business scenarios. 
  • Time-related problems 
    • Speed & Distance: Calculating how long it takes to travel a certain distance at a particular speed. 
    • Trains: Problems related to trains crossing each other or platforms. 
    • Time & Work: Estimating the time required to complete a particular task. 
  • Work & Wages 
    • Calculating the wages paid for a job based on the amount of work done. 

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Logical Reasoning 

Logical reasoning skills are imperative in managerial decision-making. The CUET PG MBA Syllabus 2024 incorporates: 

  • Ranking & Arrangements 
    • Linear: Arranging items or people in a straight line based on specific criteria. 
    • Matrix: Organizing data or items in rows and columns. 
    • Sequencing: Arranging data or items in a particular order or sequence. 
  • Statement-based problems 
    • Arguments: Assessing the validity of a given argument. 
    • Assumptions: Identifying underlying assumptions in statements. 
    • Conclusions: Drawing logical conclusions from provided information. 
    • Causes & Effects: Determining the causes and effects in a given scenario. 
  • Numerical and Symbol-based reasoning 
    • Analyzing and solving problems using numbers and symbols. 
  • Relationship-based problems 
    • Blood Relations: Understanding relationships based on familial ties. 
    • Directions: Solving problems related to directions and positions. 
    • Distances: Calculating distances between various points. 

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Data Interpretation

The business world revolves around data. Hence, the CUET PG MBA Syllabus 2024 focuses on: 

  • Types of Graphs and Charts: 
    • Pie Charts: A circular chart divided into segments showcasing numerical proportion. 
    • Line Charts: Used to track changes over periods. 
    • Bar Graphs: Represents data with rectangular bars. 
    • Tabular Charts: Data is presented in rows and columns. 
    • Mixed Graphs: Combination of two or more types of charts or graphs. 
  • Data Sufficiency: 
    • This tests the student's ability to determine if given data is sufficient to answer a question. 
  • Other Forms of Data Representation: 
    • Tabulation & Sets: Organizing data in tables and sets for easy comparison. 
    • Venn Diagrams: Diagrams that show all possible logical relations between different sets. 

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Preparation Tips for CUET PG MBA 2024

1. Know the Syllabus Inside Out:

Before you start hitting the books, take some quality time to understand the CUET PG MBA Syllabus 2024. Think of it as your treasure map – it shows you precisely what you need to study. When you have a clear grasp of what's expected, it becomes much easier to plan your study journey.

Imagine planning a road trip without a map or GPS. You might end up lost or wasting time going in circles. That's why understanding the syllabus is crucial. It's your guide, pointing you in the right direction.

2. Make a Study Schedule:

Now that you've got your treasure map (the syllabus), it's time to create a study plan. Think of this as making a daily to-do list. Just like you plan your day with tasks, allocate specific time slots for different subjects or sections of the exam.

For example, you might decide to study math from 9 AM to 11 AM, take a break, then tackle verbal ability from 1 PM to 3 PM. This way, you ensure that you cover everything you need without feeling overwhelmed.

Remember, it's not just about making the schedule – sticking to it is equally important. Treat your study plan like a commitment, and you'll see progress in no time.

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3. Practice, Practice, Practice:

You've probably heard the saying, "Practice makes perfect." Well, it's true, especially when it comes to exams. Practice is your secret weapon. Grab practice papers, sample questions, and previous years' papers. The more you practice, the more familiar you become with the exam's format and the types of questions you'll encounter.

Think of it like learning to ride a bike. At first, it might feel wobbly and uncertain, but with practice, you become steadier and more confident. It's the same with exams. The more you practice, the more confident and capable you'll become.

4. Focus on Weak Areas:

Nobody's a superhero who's great at everything. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Recognize your weak spots. If you're not feeling too friendly with math, don't run from it – face it head-on!

Allocate extra time to the areas where you're not so comfortable. Practice, study, and seek help if needed. With determination and effort, you can turn your weaknesses into strengths. Remember, even the strongest trees started as tiny saplings.

5. Mock Tests Matter:

Picture this: you're preparing for a big performance, like a play or a concert. Before the big night, you rehearse your lines or songs over and over. Why? Because practice helps you get used to the stage, the lights, and the pressure. Mock tests are your rehearsals for the exam stage.

Take full-length mock tests regularly. These tests mimic the actual exam conditions – the time constraints, the pressure, and the format. They're like dress rehearsals for the real deal. Plus, they help you gauge how well you're doing and identify areas that need extra attention.

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 Key Takeaways 

  • Syllabus Understanding: Grasp CUET PG MBA Syllabus 2024 for targeted prep. 
  • Verbal Proficiency: Enhance language skills in English or Hindi. 
  • Quantitative Mastery: Excel in partnership, interest, profit & loss, percentages, and more. 
  • Logical Reasoning Skills: Practice ranking, statements, numerical reasoning, relationships, and data interpretation. 
  • Data Interpretation: Master graphs, charts, sufficiency, and data representation. 
  • Exam Format Awareness: Know question structure, distribution, bilingual sections, and language choices. 
  • Strategic Prep: Utilize insights for focused study plan and improved performance in CUET PG MBA 2024. 

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