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CUET Legal Studies Syllabus 2024: Download PDF Key Topics

Author : Akash Kumar Singh

Updated On : November 16, 2023


Overview: Prepare for CUET Legal Studies 2024 using the NTA syllabus. Master the exam pattern along with professional guidance to prepare successfully. Explore recommended books for a solid foundation for success in CUET Legal Studies! 

Now that the National Testing Agency (NTA) has announced the Exam Dates for CUET 2024 session, it will soon release the CUET Legal Studies 2024 syllabus for applicants taking the national-level entrance exam for admission to law schools.

Candidates must learn and study law, the legal aptitude portion, logical reasoning, legal reasoning, analytical ability, and numerous other topics as part of the Legal Studies section. 

The CUET legal studies entrance test 2024 will be held in accordance with the issued timetable. Aspirants will acquire a better knowledge of the crucial areas they should study to pass the entrance exam by understanding the syllabus. 

Key Contents

  1. Information about the upcoming CUET 2024 session and the release of the Legal Studies syllabus.
  2. Discussion of the various topics covered in the CUET Legal Studies syllabus.
  3. Detailed breakdown of the legal topics under "Legal Studies-317 Unit."
  4. Description of the CUET Legal Studies exam pattern for 2024, including section details and question formats.
  5. Overview of the General Test section and its syllabus.
  6. Preparation tips for CUET Legal Studies, including syllabus breakdown, legal maxims, study plans, and practice recommendations.
  7. Recommended books for CUET Legal Studies, with author names and book titles listed.

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CUET Legal Studies Syllabus 

The CUET Legal Studies syllabus offers a wide range of legal topics. It starts with the structure and responsibilities of the court, then continues on to key topics like property and contracts, before delving into dispute resolution and human rights. It also discusses the legal profession, international law, and fundamental legal principles. The CUET legal stuides curriculum is designed to give students a firm foundation in many legal issues, preparing them for a successful legal profession. 

Legal Studies-317 




i. Structure and Hierarchy of Courts and Legal Offices in India  

ii. Constitution, Roles and Impartiality  

iii. Appointments, Trainings, Retirement and Removal of Judges  

iv. Courts and Judicial Review 

Topics of Law 

i. Law of Property  

ii. Law of Contracts  

iii. Law of Torts  

iv. Introduction to Criminal Laws in India 

Arbitration, Tribunal Adjunction, and Alternative Dispute Resolution 

i. Adversarial and Inquisitorial Systems  

ii. Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution  

iii. Types of ADR  

iv. Arbitration, Administrative, Tribunals  

v. Mediation and Conciliation  

vi. Lok Adalats  

vii. Ombudsman  

viii. Lokpal and Lokayukta 

Human Rights in India 

i. Introduction – International Context  

ii. Constitutional framework and Related laws in India  

iii. Complaint Mechanisms of Quasi-judicial Bodies 

Legal Profession in India 

The Advocates Act, 1961, The Bar Council of India, Lawyers and Professional Ethics, Advertising by Lawyers, Opportunities for Law graduates, Legal Education in India, Liberalization of the Legal Profession, Women and the Legal Profession in India 

Legal Services 

i. Legal background – Free Legal Aid under Criminal law, Legal Aid by the State, Legal Aid under the Indian Constitution, NALSA Regulations, 2010  

ii. Criteria for giving free Legal Services  

iii. Lok Adalats  

iv. Legal Aid in Context of Social Justice and Human Rights 

International Context 

i. Introduction to International Law  

ii. Sources of International Law – Treaties, Customs and ICJ Decisions  

iii. International Institutions, International Human Rights  

iv. Customary International Law  

v. International law & Municipal Law  

vi. International Law & India  

vii. Dispute Resolution – ICJ, ICC and Other Dispute Resolution Mechanisms 

Legal Maxims 

Important Legal Maxims.  

Meaning with illustrations of the following:  

- Actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea  

- Ad valorem - Amicus Curiae  

- Audi alterem partum  

- Assentio Mentium  

- Bona fide  

- Bona Vacantia  

- Caveat Emptor  

- Corpus Delicto  

- Damnum Sine Injuria  

- De Die in Diem  

- De Minimis Lex Non Curat  

- Doli Incapax  

- Ejusdem Generis  

- Ex Post Facto  

- Ignorantia Facti Excusat  

– IgnorantiaJuris Non Excusat  

- Injuria Sine Damnum  

- Locus Standi  

- Nemo Debet Esse Judex in Propria SuaCausa  

- Nemo debt non quad habit  

- Noscitur a Sociis  

- Obiter Dicta  

- Pari Materia  

- Per Incuriam  

- Qui Facit Per Alium, Facit Per Se  

- Quid pro quo  

- Ratio Decidendi  

- Res ipsa loquitur  

- Res Judicata Accipitur Pro Veritate  

- Salus Populi Est Suprema Lex  

- Stare Decisis  

- Ubi Jus Ibi Remedium 

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CUET Legal Studies Exam Pattern 2024 


Test type 

No of questions 

Question format 

Duration of exam 

Section 1A 

Choose any out of 13 Languages 

Need to attempt 40 questions out of 50 

Comprehension based questions 

45 Minutes for any language 

Section 1B 


Choose any out of 20 Languages except the one chosen in Section 1A 

Need to attempt 40 questions out of 50 

Comprehension-based questions on selected language 

45 Minutes for any language 

Section II 

(Legal studies) 

Along with legal studies, candidates can select 5 more domains 

Need to attempt 40 questions out of 50 

Input text can be used for MCQ Based Questions 

45 minutes for law domain 

Section III 

(General test) 

For any such undergraduate programme/ programmes being offered by Universities where a General Test is being used for admission 

Attempt 60 out of 75 questions in this section 

Input text can be used for MCQ Based Questions 

1. General Knowledge, Current Affairs, 2. General Mental Ability, 3. Numerical Ability, 4. Quantitative 5. Reasoning (Simple application of basic mathematical concepts 6. Arithmetic/algebra 7. Geometry/mensuration/s tat taught till Grade 8) Logical and Analytical Reasoning 

60 Minutes 


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CUET Legal Studies Section III - General test syllabus 2024 

The general awareness section comprises static general information, while current affairs questions will assess applicants' understanding of national and worldwide current events. Let's go over the main test syllabus. Let's have a look at the general test syllabus. 

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CUET BA LLB syllabus for General Test 2024 


Important topics 

General Knowledge and Current Affairs 

Awards and honours, eminent personalities, UN bodies, geopolitics and important environmental agreements, major developments in the areas of sports, international events 

Logical and Analytical Reasoning 

Series, directions, syllogism, blood relations, critical reasoning, analogy 

General Mental Ability 

Numerical Ability 

Pie charts, bar graphs, radar graphs, tables, line charts, mixed graphs 

Quantitative Reasoning 

Percentage, number system, algebra, profit and loss, AP and GP 

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How to prepare the CUET Legal Studies Syllabus? 

Candidates can examine the CUET preparation tips for Legal Studies provided below to improve and succeed in their preparation as well as the actual test. The following are the most crucial CUET Legal Studies preparation recommendations. 

  • Carefully go through the exam syllabus and divide it into sections. Then, take a good look at each part to really understand it. 
  • Pay special attention to learning legal maxims and definitions. There's a high chance you'll get questions about them. 
  • Create a study plan and stick to it. Before you start preparing for the exam, it's important to make a plan for your study time. Decide in advance how much time you'll spend on each subject. 
  • Practice a lot, but make sure you're practising the right things and checking your work. Doing well on the CUET Legal Studies exam requires practice. 
  • It's a good idea to do as many practice papers, CUET Mock Tests, and previous year's question papers as you can. 

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Best Books for CUET Legal Studies Syllabus 

If a student does not have the correct set of CUET books, studying for the CUET Legal Studies Exam might be difficult, inconsistent, and untrustworthy. As a result, it is critical to choose relevant books for your subject and keep to a realistic study schedule. 

Recommended Books for CUET Legal Studies 


Legal Studies: Textbook for CBSE Class 12 

Ritwiz Gaur & Subha Raghavan 

Legal Studies (CBSE), Class XII: Study Guide 

Radhika Aggarwal 

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Key Takeaways

  1. Syllabus Overview: The CUET Legal Studies syllabus for 2024 covers a wide range of legal topics, providing a strong foundation for success in the entrance exam.

  2. Syllabus Highlights: Key topics include the structure of courts, property and contracts, dispute resolution, human rights, legal profession, international law, and important legal maxims.

  3. Exam Pattern: The CUET 2024 Legal Studies exam consists of multiple sections, including language comprehension, legal studies, and a general test covering subjects like general knowledge, reasoning, and numerical ability.

  4. Preparation Tips: To excel in this exam, candidates should thoroughly understand the syllabus, focus on legal maxims, create a study plan, practice extensively with mock tests and previous papers.

  5. Recommended Books: Utilize recommended books like "Legal Studies: Textbook for CBSE Class 12" and "Legal Studies (CBSE), Class XII: Study Guide" to enhance your preparation.

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