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CUET Hindi Syllabus 2024: What and How to Study for the exam!

Author : Akash Kumar Singh

Updated On : November 16, 2023


Overview: Dive into an in-depth look at the CUET Hindi Syllabus for 2024. Succeed with thorough insights into the exam pattern, including the number of questions and their weightage, to effective preparation strategies and recommended study tools. Get all you need to ace the test and join the ranks of India's premier central institutions, whether you're seeking for topic-by-topic breakdowns or expert-recommended literature. 

The CUET, or Common University Entrance Test, has slowly increased in stature, serving as a beacon for students across the country looking to enrol in core universities. The examination is seen as an important milestone, particularly for courses such as Hindi.

The NTA has now announced the exam dates for the CUET 2024 session. Given the importance of the exam, it is critical to approach it with thorough information and a complete strategy. 

CUET is currently the most popular exam among students hoping to study at prestigious colleges. This CUET Entrance exam is administered by the National Testing Agency to select candidates for central universities across the country. So, do you want to attend the most prominent universities? If you wish to study Hindi as a subject in your graduation, then read this post to learn everything you need to know about the CUET Hindi Syllabus. 

However, before learning the CUET Hindi Syllabus, it is necessary to understand how many marks this language component covers, as well as the quantity of questions and marks in other sections. So, continue reading this article to learn more. 

Key Contents

  1. Importance of CUET as an entrance exam for central universities
  2. Understanding the exam pattern and mark distribution
  3. Details of the CUET Hindi Exam Pattern for 2024
  4. Expected CUET Hindi Syllabus for 2024
  5. Preparation strategy for the CUET Hindi 2024 Exam
  6. Tips for scheduling and time management in preparation
  7. Recommendations for reliable study materials
  8. List of recommended CUET Hindi Preparation Books

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CUET Hindi Exam Pattern 2024 

Candidates check out the CUET Hindi Exam Pattern from the table provided below. 


Total Questions  

Questions need to be Attempted 


Section IA (Hindi) 



45 mins 

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CUET Hindi Syllabus 2024 

The CUET Hindi syllabus typically encompasses a wide range of topics to evaluate a candidate's proficiency in the language. Although the official syllabus for 2024 has not been disclosed, we can make educated assumptions based on previous years' patterns.

  1. Comprehension Skills:

    • Comprehension forms a significant portion of the CUET Hindi section. Candidates can expect questions related to factual, narrative, and literary comprehension. It is advisable to practice reading and understanding various types of texts, including news articles, stories, and literary pieces.
  2. Proverbs (लोकोक्तियां):

    • Another essential aspect of the CUET Hindi syllabus is the inclusion of proverbs or "लोकोक्तियां." These are commonly used phrases or expressions that hold cultural and contextual significance. Candidates should be prepared to interpret and explain the meanings and usages of such proverbs.
  3. Antonyms and Synonyms (विलोमार्थी शब्द व पर्यायवाची शब्द):

    • CUET may include questions on antonyms (opposite words) and synonyms (similar words) to assess a candidate's vocabulary and language skills. Building a strong vocabulary and understanding word relationships is essential for success in this section.
  4. Works of Famous Writers and Poets:

    • As a part of the CUET Hindi syllabus, candidates may encounter questions related to the works of renowned Hindi writers and poets. Familiarity with their contributions to Hindi literature is vital to excel in this section.

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CUET Hindi 2024 Preparation Strategy 

As we have covered the entire CUET syllabus, it is now time to begin preparing for the CUET Hindi syllabus and exam pattern. We are also sharing some preparation tips for the CUET Hindi 2024 Exam. 

Establish and follow the proper schedule: Knowing the CUET Hindi Syllabus will give you an estimate of how long each topic would take to finish. As a result, schedule time in your schedule to cover the CUET Hindi Syllabus and stick to it throughout your preparation. 

Choose reliable study material: You will be able to cover the entire CUET Hindi syllabus and test pattern with the use of good material. In the following section, we will provide the CUET Hindi Study Material 2024. 

Make short notes for a better understanding: Understand the primary concepts such as idioms and phrases, Hindi grammar, and so on after going through the study material. Make short notes and flowcharts of these topics so that you can review them before the exam. 

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CUET Hindi Preparation Books 

Choosing good study materials is the second most significant strategy to implement for CUET 2024. We've included a list of best books to help you with your CUET 2024 preparation. 




Arihant NTA CUET (UG) Tests Section I (A) Languages (Hindi & English)  

Arihant Experts 

Arihant Publishers 

Finally, extensive preparation and a comprehension of the material and exam format are required for the CUET 2024 Hindi exam. Aspiring students can confidently handle this section of the test with the right resources, study materials, and dedication. Remember that constant effort and strategic planning are essential as you embark on your journey to academic achievement. Best wishes to all CUET candidates. 

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Key Takeaways

  1. CUET Significance: The CUET, or Common University Entrance Test, is a crucial exam for admission to prestigious central universities in India, especially for Hindi courses.
  2. Thorough Preparation: To excel in the CUET, comprehensive information and a well-structured strategy are essential.
  3. Popular Exam: CUET is the most sought-after exam for students aiming to study at esteemed institutions in India.
  4. CUET Hindi Exam Pattern 2024: The CUET Hindi section consists of 50 questions, of which 40 need to be attempted within 45 minutes.
  5. CUET Hindi Syllabus 2024: Although the official syllabus for CUET 2024 is yet to be released, we provide an expected syllabus, including comprehension, proverbs, antonyms, synonyms, and the works of famous writers and poets.
  6. Preparation Strategy: Establish a structured study schedule, choose reliable study materials, and create concise notes for better understanding.
  7. Recommended Books: Consider using books like "Arihant NTA CUET (UG) Tests Section I (A) Languages (Hindi & English)" by Arihant Experts for effective preparation.

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