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CUET Chemistry Syllabus 2024: Section-Wise Important Units

Author : Akash Kumar Singh

Updated On : November 27, 2023


Overview: Prepare for the CUET 2024 Chemistry entrance exam by consulting the official website's full CUET Chemistry syllabus. Analyse important topics, examination patterns, marking scheme, preparation strategies, and recommended books to succeed in the CUET Chemistry section. Access the CUET Chemistry curriculum PDF to get ready for success. 

Candidates who choose Chemistry in the next CUET 2024 entrance exam should review the CUET 2024 Chemistry syllabus. Candidates can view the CUET Chemistry 2024 Syllabus on the official website, cuet.samarth.ac.in.

The CUET UG Exam is a national level exam held annually for admissions to several major universities that participate in CUET. 

Candidates who want to take Chemistry as a subject in the upcoming CUET Entrance Exam 2024 must familiarise themselves with the CUET 2024 Chemistry syllabus. The CUET Chemistry Syllabus is organised into 16 units that cover a wide range of topics from solid state and electrochemistry to polymers and biomolecules.

Candidates should be aware that the CUET question paper will have a total of 50 questions, 40 of which must be answered. 

CUET Chemistry Syllabus 2024: Section Wise

Check out CUET Chemistry Syllabus here -

CUET syllabus for Chemistry (SCQP08)  

Physical Chemistry:

1. Gaseous State  

2. Liquid State  

3. Ionic Equilibria  

4. Solid State  

5. Thermodynamics  

  • Thermochemistry 
  • Second Law 
  • Third law of thermodynamics 
  • Free Energy Functions 

6. Partial molar quantities  

7. Dilute solutions or Colligative Properties 

8. Molecular Spectroscopy & Photochemistry  

9. Chemical Kinetics  

10. Catalysis  

11. Surface chemistry  

12. Phase Equilibria  

13. Introduction to Quantum Chemistry 

14. Conductance  

15. Electrochemistry  

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Inorganic Chemistry:

1. Atomic Structure  

2. Periodicity of Elements 

3. Chemical Bonding  

  • Ionic bond 
  • Covalent bond 

4. Metallic bonding and Weak chemical forces  

  • Metallic Bond 
  • Weak Chemical Forces 

5. Oxidation-Reduction and general principle of metallurgy  

6. Chemistry of s and p Block  

7. Noble Gases  

8. Inorganic Polymers  

9. Coordination Chemistry  

10. Transition Elements  

11. Lanthanoids and Actinides  

12. Bioinorganic Chemistry  

13. Organometallic Compounds  

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Organic Chemistry:

1. Basics of Organic Chemistry  

2. Stereochemistry  

3. Chemistry of Aliphatic Hydrocarbons 

  • Carbon-Carbon sigma bonds 
  • Carbon-Carbon pi-bonds 

4. Cycloalkanes and Conformational Analysis  

5. Aromatic Hydrocarbons 

6. Chemistry of Halogenated Hydrocarbons  

  • Alkyl halides 
  • Aryl halides 

7. Alcohols, Phenols, Ethers and Epoxides  

8. Carbonyl Compounds  

9. Carboxylic Acids and their Derivatives  

10. Sulphur containing compounds  

11. Nitrogen Containing Functional Groups  

12. Polynuclear  

13. Heterocyclic Compounds  

14. Alkaloids  

15. Terpenes  

16. Organic Spectroscopy  

  • Basic Principles of UV Spectroscopy 
  • Basic principles of IR Spectroscopy 
  • NMR (1 H and 13C NMR) 
  • Basic principles Mass Spectrometry 

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CUET Chemistry Exam Pattern 2024  

The CUET 2024 Exam Pattern remains the same for all subject, such as Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, Political Science, Agriculture, and so on. CUET 2024 would be a computer-based exam with multiple-choice (MCQ) questions to be answered in 45 minutes.

The exam, which would be available in 13 different languages, would be divided into four sections. For the benefit of aspirants, the CUET Chemistry Section Pattern information is provided below. 



Exam Mode 

Online (Computer Based Test) 

Exam Frequency 

Once a year 

Exam Duration 

Slot 1: 3 Hours 15 Minutes Slot 2: 3 Hours 45 Minutes (May vary as per the choice of sections) 


Section II 

Question Type 

MCQs (Objective Type) 

No. of Question 

50 Questions (Attempt 40 Questions) 

Marking Scheme 

Correct Answer: +5 Wrong Answer: - 1 Unanswered questions: 0 

Level of Exam 

Class 12th 

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CUET Chemistry Syllabus Analysis From Previous Years' Question Papers 

Practise makes perfect, and practising previous CUET Chemistry question papers is no exception. Aspirants should reference these papers for information on exam patterns, sorts of frequently asked questions, exam difficulty, and so on.

CUET Previous Years' Question Papers are available for download on the NTA official website, nta.ac.in. 

Follow the below steps to access the same: 

  • Visit NDA official website using, nta.ac.in. 
  • Click on the ‘Downloads’ tab. 
  • Fill in details of the exam like subject, and the year for which the question paper is to be downloaded. 
  • The same page also has the provision for general mock tests download. 

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CUET Chemistry Preparation Tips 2024 

Aspiring candidates who want to take the CUET Chemistry 2024 exam should be familiar with the syllabus and exam pattern, as well as have a solid understanding on their Class XII chemistry essentials. The following tips and ideas can assist candidates in passing CUET 2024: 

  • Examine preceding years' question papers, patterns of papers, and the most recently revised curriculum. 
  • Craft a study schedule: Divide the curriculum into smaller segments and thoroughly review each individual topic. 
  • For students with a strong grasp of mathematics, it is advisable to concentrate on Physical Chemistry initially, covering areas like Surface Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Solutions, and Electrochemistry. 
  • Students skilled in Organic Chemistry should prioritize specific chapters such as Alcohols, Phenols, Aldehydes, Ketones, Carboxylic Acids, Haloalkanes, and Haloarenes. 
  • Attain an in-depth understanding of individual subjects and allocate extra time for concepts that prove challenging in a limited timeframe. Given that Inorganic Chemistry is typically the most demanding, students are encouraged to commit the periodic table to memory. Notable chapters include General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements, d- and f-Block Elements, p-Block Elements, and Coordination Compounds. 
  • Review individual subjects and tackle problems to assess your comprehension. 
  • Complete past years' question papers within a predefined time frame. Evaluate your responses and analyze incorrect attempts. Repeat this procedure. 
  • Consider attempting online practice tests or enrolling in coaching institutes that provide training for competitive exams. 
  • Manage your time rigorously and abstain from allowing stress to take over. 

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CUET Chemistry Preparation 2024: Important Books 

Candidates wanting to take CUET Chemistry 2024 must be well-versed in Class XII Chemistry fundamentals, as the CUET Chemistry paper is based on principles taught in Class XII.

In addition to the standard Class XII test books, aspiring candidates may consult reference books to get in-depth information on a specific topic. 

Best books for CUET chemistry preparation: 



Class 12 Chemistry 


A Textbook of Physical Chemistry 

Dr. R.K. Gupta 

A Textbook of Inorganic Chemistry 

Dr. O.P. Tandon 

Comprehensive Chemistry 

Dr. B. Kapila & Dr. N. K. Verma 

A Textbook of Organic Chemistry 

Dr. O.P. Tandon 

Guide for CUET (UG) Chemistry with 10 Practice Sets & 5 Previous Years Question Papers 


NTA CUET(UG) Common University Entrance Test Chapterwise and Topicwise 

Oswaal Books 

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Finally, mastering the CUET 2024 Chemistry syllabus is critical to passing your admission exam. You can approach the questions with confidence if you grasp the exam style, marking scheme, and crucial themes. You'll lay the groundwork for success by reading recommended literature and practising with past years' question papers.

Remember that a planned study plan, attention to comprehending essential ideas, and disciplined time management will certainly set you on the path to passing the CUET Chemistry exam and gaining admission to top colleges. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • Preparing for the CUET 2024 Chemistry entrance exam requires a thorough understanding of the syllabus, examination pattern, and effective study strategies.
  • The CUET Chemistry syllabus covers 16 units encompassing various topics from physical chemistry to organic chemistry.
  • The exam consists of 50 questions, with 40 to be answered, and follows a computer-based format with MCQs.
  • Effective preparation includes crafting a study schedule, focusing on strengths, and allocating time for challenging topics. Practice with previous years' question papers and consider online tests.
  • Alongside Class XII textbooks, reference books provide in-depth knowledge of specific topics.
  • To succeed, master the syllabus, understand the exam style and marking scheme, and practice with past papers for a confident approach.

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