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Simplified Admission to Minority Colleges through CUET 2024

Author : Akash Kumar Singh

Updated On : November 17, 2023


Overview: Explore the significant shifts in Delhi University admissions for 2024, where CUET results would alone determine entry into minority colleges such as St. Stephen's. In our comprehensive article, you will learn about CUET's impact on admissions and exam patterns, as well as acquire essential insights into this unique admission method.  

The undergraduate admission process at Delhi University (DU) has undergone significant changes for the academic year 2024. The implementation of the Common Universities Entrance Test (CUET) as the sole requirement for admissions to minority colleges, including the prestigious St. Stephen's College, is a major changer. 

The change raised concerns regarding its consequences for minority intake, the admissions procedure, and the structure of CUET 2024. In this extensive article, we will go into the details and examine the complexities of DU admissions through CUET, providing you with useful insights into this changing system. 

Authorities will produce a separate merit list for unreserved category and minority students during centralized counselling in accordance with reservation policies. 

The Academic Council of Delhi University has made a ground-breaking announcement about undergraduate admissions for the academic year 2024. Students applying to DU and its minority colleges, particularly St. Stephen's College, will now be evaluated entirely on their achievement in the CUET exam

What was the Admission Process at St. Stephen's College until now? 

How to get admission in DU minority colleges through CUET? The admission process at St. Stephen's College is one of the most significant enhancements. This college, which reserves 50% of its seats for Christian students, has historically handled admissions differently from DU. The previous approach considered class 12 grades, as well as written tests and interviews. 

The college used to grant admissions based on the following factors: 

  • 85% weightage was given to class 12 
  • 15% weightage to written tests and interview 

However, due to the continuous national crisis, St. Stephen's College reacted last year by eliminating the written test and conducting interviews online. Admission to St. Stephen's College will be completely dependent on CUET Exam 2024 results beginning this year. 

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Will DU Admissions through CUET Affect Minority Intake? 

The introduction of the Common Universities Entrance Test will have no negative impact on minority colleges, according to Registrar Vikas Gupta. 

When admitting students to undergraduate courses, all colleges will adopt the same reservation policy as they did last year. 

The results of the Class 12 exam will not be considered in the CUET admission exam. However, participating universities may use a percentage of class 12 marks as an eligibility requirement for applying for the entrance exam. 

A separate merit list is established for general category and minority students, and CUET admissions will be completely based on the merit list. 

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Will CUET Conduct Interviews for Admissions at Minority Colleges? 

Since the entire announcement has not yet been issued, it is unknown whether CUET conducts interviews for minority college admissions. 

It is expected that Stephen's college may conduct interviews for providing admissions to minority colleges, while other colleges won't be conducting the interview. 

Admissions to all central institutions in the country are made solely on the basis of the CUET merit list. 

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DU Admissions to Minority Colleges through CUET 2024 

The Common Universities Entrance Test will be utilized to admit candidates to various courses in DU minority colleges. 

According to recent reports, the use of CUET for student admission will simplify the selection process, even in terms of opportunity and demographics. 

  • As part of the selection process, you will be asked to take an entrance test administered by NTA. 
  • The entrance exam will assess your language skills, aptitude, logical reasoning abilities, and subject knowledge. 

The Common Universities Entrance Test is administered in 13 languages using computer-based testing (CBT). 

As per the CUET Exam Pattern 2024, there will be four sections in the examination, namely: 

  • Section 1A & 1B: Language test 
  • Section 2: Domain-specific test 
  • Section 3: General aptitude test 

Those who pass this exam will be eligible for the CUET counselling procedure and must apply for admission through the college's official website.  

Finally, the implementation of CUET as the sole criterion for admission to Delhi University's minority institutions is a significant shift. This modification not only streamlines the admissions process, but it also provides significant insights into CUET's impact on admissions and exam patterns. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • Delhi University's 2024 admissions to minority colleges, including St. Stephen's, now rely solely on the Common Universities Entrance Test (CUET).
  • Earlier, 85% weightage was given to class 12 results and 15% to interviews and tests. Now, CUET is the primary admission criteria.
  • CUET's introduction won't affect minority intake, with reservation policies staying consistent.
  • It's undecided if CUET will require interviews for minority college admissions. St. Stephen's might retain its interview process.
  • CUET is a computer-based test in 13 languages with sections for language, domain-specific knowledge, and general aptitude.
  • The adoption of CUET aims to streamline and standardize the admission process in DU's minority colleges.

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