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CUET English Sample Papers PDF Download Here! [PYQs]

Author : Akash Kumar Singh

Updated On : November 21, 2023


Overview: Improve your CUET English exam readiness by learning about the CUET English sample paper's structure, benefits, and effective preparation methods. Discover the significance of solving English CUET sample papers and getting familiar with the CUET exam pattern. Increase your chances of success by studying the CUET English sample paper. 

The English section is an important part of the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) admission test, which evaluates a candidate's language proficiency and analytical skills.

To improve their preparation and become more familiar with the format of the CUET 2024 entrance exam, candidates frequently use sample papers to help them perform well in this section.

This article will review the English CUET sample paper in detail, along with its structure, download instructions, and the many advantages of solving it. 

CUET English Exam Pattern 2024

The CUET English section assesses a candidate's command of and comprehension of the English language. The exam typically consists of multiple-choice (MCQs) and descriptive questions covering grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and essay writing.

Understanding the exam structure is critical for effective CUET preparation. The CUET English section typically includes Part A and Part B. 

Part A: Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) 

  • Grammar and Vocabulary: This section assesses the candidate's knowledge of English grammar rules and vocabulary usage. 
  • Reading Comprehension: To test their comprehension skills, candidates must read a passage and answer questions based on its content. 

Part B: Descriptive Questions

  • Essay Writing: Aspirants are given a choice of topics and are required to write an essay, showcasing their ability to express thoughts coherently and constructively. 

How to Download CUET English Sample Paper? 

Accessing the CUET English sample paper is straightforward, and it is highly recommended that candidates incorporate it into their CUET preparation strategy. 

Official Website: 

  • Visit the official CUET website or the admission portal. 
  • Navigate to the 'Downloads' or 'Sample Papers' section. 
  • Look for the English sample paper and click on the download link. 

Refer: CUET Sample Papers PDF

Educational Platforms: 

  • Various educational platforms and forums may host or provide links to CUET sample papers. 
  • Explore reputable educational websites or forums where previous test-takers share resources. 

Coaching Institutes: 

  • Coaching institutes specialising in CUET 2024 preparation often distribute or make sample papers available. 
  • Enrolled students may receive sample papers as part of their study materials. 

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CUET English Sample Papers and Questions

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow: 

1. The world is changing rapidly, and with it, the way we communicate. In the past, communication was primarily face-to-face or through written letters. Today, we have many communication methods, including social media, email, and instant messaging. This has both positive and negative implications. 

On the one hand, technology has made it easier than ever to stay in touch with friends and family, regardless of distance. We can also use technology to learn about different cultures and perspectives. Additionally, technology can spread awareness about important issues and mobilize people to take action. 

On the other hand, technology can also lead to social isolation and loneliness. When we spend too much time online, we can neglect our real-world relationships. Additionally, technology can be used to spread misinformation and to bully and harass others. 

  • (a) What is the main point of the passage?  
  • (b) What are some of the positive implications of technology-mediated communication? 
  • (c) What are some of the negative implications of technology-mediated communication? 
  • (d) How can we use technology to communicate positively? 
  • (e) How can we avoid the negative implications of technology-mediated communication? 

2. Choose the correct synonym for the following word: 

  • (a) Clear  
  • (b) Hidden  
  • (c) Difficult  
  • (d) Simple 

3. Choose the correct antonym for the following word: 

  • (a) Concise  
  • (b) Detailed  
  • (c) Thorough  
  • (d) Elaborate 

4. Choose the correct meaning of the following idiom: 

To spill the beans 

  • (a) To reveal a secret  
  • (b) To make a mistake  
  • (c) To be clumsy  
  • (d) To be careless 

5. Choose the correct verb form to complete the following sentence: 

I ____ (see) a movie last night. 

  • (a) Saw  
  • (b) Seen  
  • (c) Seeing  
  • (d) See 

6. Choose the correct preposition to complete the following sentence: 

The cat is sitting ____ the mat. 

  • (a) On  
  • (b) At  
  • (c) In  
  • (d) By 

7. Choose the correct conjunction to complete the following sentence: 

I went to the store ____ I needed to buy some milk. 

  • (a) Because  
  • (b) But  
  • (c) Or  
  • (d) And 

8. Choose the correct sentence: 

  • (a) I saw the cat, which was sitting on the mat.  
  • (b) I saw the cat which was sitting on the mat.  
  • (c) I saw the cat that was sitting on the mat.  
  • (d) I saw the cat sitting on the mat. 

9. Choose the correctly punctuated sentence: 

  • (a) I love to eat apples, oranges, and bananas.  
  • (b) I love to eat apples oranges and bananas.  
  • (c) I love to eat apples, oranges and, bananas.  
  • (d) I love to eat apples, oranges, and bananas. 

10. Identify the correct conjunction to fill in the blank: 

I want to go to the cinema, ________ I don't have any money. 

  • (a) although  
  • (b) because  
  • (c) but  
  • (d) however  

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What are the benefits of solving CUET English Sample Papers? 

The benefits of Solving CUET English Sample Paper are as follows:

Solving CUET English sample papers offers many advantages for aspiring candidates, aiding them in their preparation journey. 

  • Familiarity with Exam Pattern: Sample papers provide insight into the format and structure of the actual exam, helping candidates become familiar with the types of questions asked. 
  • Time Management Skills: Practice with sample papers enables candidates to develop effective time management strategies, which is crucial for optimizing performance during the actual exam. 
  • Identification of Weak Areas: By solving sample papers, candidates can identify their strengths and weaknesses in different sections of the English test, allowing for targeted improvement. 
  • Enhanced Confidence: Regular practice with sample papers boosts confidence levels, reducing exam-related stress and anxiety. 
  • Improvement in Writing Skills: The essay writing component of the sample paper aids candidates in honing their writing skills, ensuring they can articulate ideas coherently and persuasively. 
  • Revision and Review: Sample papers serve as valuable revision tools, allowing candidates to review concepts and topics covered in the CUET English syllabus 2024

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In conclusion, the English CUET sample paper is an indispensable resource for candidates aiming to excel in the admission test.

By understanding the exam structure, accessing sample papers, and reaping the benefits of regular practice, aspirants can significantly enhance their preparedness and increase their chances of success in the CUET English section. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • The CUET English section comprises MCQs and descriptive questions, assessing grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and essay writing.
  • Part A evaluates grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.
  • Part B involves essay writing to gauge coherent and constructive expression.
  • Access via the official website or educational platforms for practice material.
  • A provided passage with questions covering main points and technology-mediated communication implications.
  • Enhances familiarity, and time management, identifies weaknesses, builds confidence, improves writing skills, and is a valuable revision tool.

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