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CUET Political Science Syllabus 2024 PDF Key Topics Download

Author : Akash Kumar Singh

Updated On : November 16, 2023


Overview: Enhance your preparation with expert advice and recommended study materials. Set yourself up for success in the CUET Political Science domain by gaining comprehensive insights and employing effective techniques by learning more about the CUET Political Science Syllabus. 

The CUET 2024 political science syllabus will be available on the National Testing Agency's official website, nta.ac.in. The NTA will make the CUET political science syllabus pdf available online.

Candidates must pick CUET political science as a domain topic on the CUET application form if they want to pursue BA political science after graduation. Candidates must read the CUET curriculum for political science 2024 to gain a good understanding of the syllabus. 

Indian Politics and Contemporary World Politics are the two subjects of the CUET political science syllabus 2024. To do well on the NTA CUET Entrance Exam 2024, candidates need be conversant with the CUET political science curriculum.

Section 2 (political science) will consist of 50 questions, with candidates needed to answer at least 40 of them. Read the article below for additional details about the CUET political science syllabus 2024, exam structure, and marking method.

CUET Political Science Syllabus 

CUET political science syllabus is provided below: 

Political Science (HUQP18) 

1. a. Western Political Philosophy: 

  • Plato 
  • Aristotle 
  • Machiavelli 
  • Hobbes 
  • Locke 
  • Rousseau 
  • J.S. Mill 
  • Karl Marx 
  • John Rawls 

b. Modern Indian Political Thought: 

  • Ram Mohan Roy 
  • Gandhi  
  • Ambedkar 
  • Savarkar e. Kautilya 

c. Political Theory: 

  • Concepts of liberty 
  • Equality 
  • Justice 
  • Sovereignty 
  • Citizenship and Gender 
  • Democracy Human Rights, State 
  • Contemporary Issues 
  • Feminism Ideology 

d. International Relations: 

  1. Realism & Liberalism 
  2. Cold War politics 
  4. India’s foreign policy (particularly with China) 
  5. Pakistan and USA 

e. Indian Government and Politics: 

  1. Preamble 
  2. Making of the Constituent Assembly 
  3. Constitutional Provisions 
  4. Parliament 
  5. Cabinet 
  6. Prime Minister 
  7. President 
  8. Fundamental Rights 
  9. Fundamental Duties 
  10. Directive Principles of State Policy 
  11. Amendments 
  12. Governor 
  13. State Government 
  14. Federalism 
  15. Political Parties (National and Regional) 
  16. Elections 
  17. Local Government 
  18. Judiciary 
  19. Governance 

f. Comparative Government and Politics: 

  1. Political Culture 
  2. Political Parties 
  3. Electoral Systems  
  4. Approaches/Models 
  5. Types of Regimes 

g. Public Policies in India: 

  1. Models 
  2. Process 
  3. Types 

2. General Issues of Contemporary Relevance: 

  1. Global Justice 
  2. Nationalism 
  3. Climate Change 

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Exam Pattern of CUET 2024 Political Science 

Section 2 of CUET 2024 will include questions from the Political science area for applicants who selected Political science during registering. Each wrong response will result in a negative mark in this section. A full overview is provided in the table below. 



Exam Name 



Section 2 


45 minutes 

Total Number of Questions asked in Political Science 


Total Number of Questions to Attempt in Political Science 


Total Marks 


Question Type 


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Marking Scheme for CUET 2024 Political Science  



Correct Response 


Incorrect Response 


Unattempated Response 

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Question Paper for CUET 2024 Political Science

Candidates must practice previous year question papers in order to solve the CUET 2024 political science paper with ease. It will also assist individuals in understanding the kind of questions, exam style, and preparing accordingly. Candidates can access prior year question papers by domain from the official website. 

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CUET Political Science Preparation Strategy 

Preparation Strategy for CUET 2024 Political Science Syllabus 

  • Create a plan to start getting ready for the CUET 2024 test. 
  • Look through the whole CUET 2024 Political Science syllabus and mark the important parts. 
  • Lots of students are trying hard for this test, but not everyone succeeds. If you haven't reached your goals yet, try setting smaller goals with deadlines. 
  • Set aside one day per week to review what you've learned that week. Use the other days to learn new stuff. 
  • When you finish learning everything, start doing practice tests. This will help you manage your time better. 

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CUET Political Science Study Material 

Below are the best books for CUET political science preparation: 

Political Ideologies by Andrew Heywood 

NCERT Social Science of Class XI and XII 

Political Sciences by ND Arora 

Indian Economy by Uma, Kapila 

Administrative Thinkers by Prasad and Prasad 

Objective Indian Polity by M Laxmikanth 

Finally, the CUET 2024 Political Science syllabus provides a road map to achievement for aspiring students. Candidates can confidently traverse their preparation path with a varied choice of courses, expert advice, and necessary tools.

By learning the stated topics and utilising the given study tools, you can improve your chances of excelling in the CUET Political Science domain. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • CUET 2024 Political Science syllabus is crucial for BA Political Science aspirants and is available online.
  • The syllabus covers topics like Western Political Philosophy, Modern Indian Political Thought, International Relations, and more.
  • Section 2 of CUET 2024 has 50 Political Science questions; 40 must be attempted.
  • Marking scheme: +5 for correct answers, -1 for incorrect, and 0 for unanswered questions.
  • Effective prep includes setting goals, regular practice, and using recommended study materials like NCERT textbooks and specific books on political ideologies.

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