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CUET Marks vs. Percentile 2024: Decoding the Difference

Author : Aparna

Updated On : November 1, 2023


Overview: Dive into the nuances of CUET scores with a detailed analysis of CUET Marks vs. Percentile 2024. Master the understanding of your performance metrics and what they signify in a broader sense. 

The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) stands tall among India's entrance examinations, providing opportunities for aspirants to gain admission into a plethora of UG courses across numerous CUET-Participating universities. 

Two significant metrics emerge from the CUET results:

  • Marks
  • Percentile 

Though they might seem interchangeable to most, each serves a unique purpose and conveys different information about a candidate's performance. 

This article aims to offer insights into CUET Marks vs. Percentile 2024 computation. 

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What is CUET Marks vs. Percentile 2024? 

At a glance: 

  • CUET Marks: The raw score obtained by a candidate based on the number of correct and incorrect answers given in the exam. 
  • CUET Percentile: What is the percentile score in CUET? A statistical measure indicating the relative standing of a candidate compared to all other test-takers. 

While the marks showcase the raw performance, the percentile positions are the performance in the broader context of how others fared in the same examination. 

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CUET Marks vs. Percentile 2024 Range 

In the CUET PG results, percentiles rather than raw scores are used to display the applicants' performance.

The approximate range of CUET scores for each candidate is displayed in the following table, along with their percentile: 

CUET UG total marks? It varies with the number of subjects you choose to take the test. 

CUET Marks vs. Percentile 2024 - Marks Range  CUET Marks vs. Percentile 2024 - Percentile 
200 - 188  100 
187 - 170  99 
169 - 150  98 - 97 
149 - 130  96 - 95 
129 - 110  94 - 93 
109 - 90  92 - 90 
89 - 80  89 - 84 
79 - 70  83 - 80 
69 - 60  79 - 75 
59 - 50  74 - 70 
49 - 40  69 - 55 
39 - 20  54 - 30 

Total marks of CUET vary with the number of subjects you attend.

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How to calculate overall percentile in CUET? 

How to Calculate CUET percentile? 

Obtain the following information -

  • The raw score is the actual score you obtained in the CUET 2024 exam.
  • You need to know the total number of candidates who appeared for the CUET 2024 exam. 

Step 1: Determine the number of candidates who scored equal to or less than your raw score.

Step 2: Calculate the percentile by dividing the number of candidates who scored equal to or less than your raw score by the total number of test takers and then multiplying the result by 100.

Step 3: Convert Raw Score into Percentile using the formula below -

CUET percentile calculator = (Number of candidates who scored equal to or lower than your raw score / Total number of test takers) * 100 

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Step 4: Calculation of the Normalized Score using Interpolation

In order to calculate the CUET normalized score, first, the raw score obtained by the student is compared to the scores of all the students who sat in the exam. This raw score is then assigned a percentile value, and a corresponding normalized score is calculated.

The process of calculating the normalized score involves interpolation of the percentile values. This means that the raw score obtained by the student is compared to the percentile values of all the other students, and the percentile value which is closest to the student’s raw score is taken as the student's percentile value. 

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Factors Affecting CUET Marks vs. Percentile 

These are the affecting factors involved in CUET marks vs. Percentile - 

Number of Test Takers: A higher number of candidates can affect the percentile distribution. 

Difficulty Level of the Paper: A tougher paper might result in lower average marks, impacting percentiles. 

Performance of Candidates: A collective high performance by a significant number of candidates can influence individual percentiles. 

Normalization Process: If the CUET is conducted in multiple slots or sessions, a normalization process might be used to ensure fairness in percentile computation across different sessions. 

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Understanding CUET Marks vs. Percentile 2024 is paramount for CUET aspirants. While the marks provide immediate feedback on performance, the percentile offers insights into the competition among students and is used to prepare cut-off lists. 

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Key Takeaways: 

  • CUET Marks and Percentiles serve different purposes, with Marks representing raw performance and Percentiles providing relative rankings.
  • CUET Percentiles range from 100 for the highest scores to lower values for lower scores.
  • Calculating CUET Percentiles involves comparing a candidate's performance to others and using specific formulas.
  • Factors affecting CUET Marks vs. Percentile include the number of test-takers, paper difficulty, overall candidate performance, and normalization processes.
  • CUET Percentiles help candidates understand their competitiveness and are used for CUET cut-off lists for admission.
  • Understanding these metrics is essential for CUET aspirants to make informed decisions about their academic future.

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