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WHAT IS DATA SCIENCE AND HOW DOES IT WORK? To extract value from data, data science incorporates numerous domains such as statistics, scientific methodologies, artificial intelligence (AI), and data analysis. Data scientists are individuals that use a variety of talents to analyse data acquired from the web, smartphones, customers, sensors, and other sources in order to generate actionable insights. Data science refers to the process of cleansing, aggregating, and modifying data in order to undertake advanced data analysis. The results can then be reviewed by analytic applications and data scientists to uncover patterns and enable company leaders to make informed decisions. DATA SCIENCE AS A RESOURCE FOR MACHINE LEARNING THAT HAS BEEN UNTAUGHT Data science is one of today's most fascinating subjects. But, why is it so crucial? Because businesses are sitting on a gold mine of data. Data volumes have expanded as contemporary technology has facilitated the creation and storage of ever-increasing amounts of data. 90 percent of the world's data was created in the last two years, according to estimates. Every hour, for example, Facebook users post 10 million images. However, most of this data is languishing untouched in databases and data lakes. The vast amounts of data collected and saved by these technologies have the potential to revolutionize businesses and communities all around the world—but only if we can understand it. This is where data science enters the picture. Data science identifies patterns and generates insights that businesses may utilize to make more informed decisions and develop more innovative products and services. Perhaps most crucially, it allows machine learning (ML) models to learn from the massive volumes of data that they are fed, rather than depending solely on business analysts to figure out what they can from the data. Data is the foundation of innovation, but its value is derived from the information that data scientists can extract and act on.

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