CUET 2022 Sociology Preparation Tips

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ComputersComputersThe Ministry of Education established the national-level CUET 2022 entrance exam to be used for student admission to undergraduate and graduate programs A total of more than 60 universities, including central and non-central universities, will take the CUET 2022 exam when it is first administered by the National Testing Agency in the academic year 2022–2023.

A subfield of social science called sociology looks into how human societies function, how people interact with one another, and how they evolve through time. Examining the dynamics of society's various components, including its institutions, communities, populations, and various gender, racial, and age-based groups, can do this. In addition to societal disorder including crime, deviance, and revolution, sociology also looks into social stratification, movements, and social change.

Two portions make up the CUET PG 2022 Sociology (PGQP15) paper. There will only be MCQ-based questions. There will be 25 questions in Part A, and they will be divided into four categories: language comprehension/verbal ability, math/quantitative ability, analytical skills, and general awareness. There are 75 multiple-choice questions in Part B that test domain knowledge.

CUET Sociology Syllabus 2022

Some of the most crucial sections of the Class 12 NCERT textbook were used to develop the CUET Section II Sociology syllabus. The candidates who have already studied this subject in higher secondary school will have an advantage over the other pupils since they already have a foundational understanding of it. Check out the complete CUET 2022 Syllabus released by NTA.

Additionally, to prepare for the exam properly, it is crucial to comprehend the curriculum. The applicants will be able to earn the highest marks if they have a complete comprehension of the subject's syllabus.

A quick summary of the CUET PG 2022 Sociology Syllabus is provided below:




Basic Concepts in Sociology

Unit I


Relationship with other Social Sciences

Unit II

​Basic Concepts

Unit III

Status and Role

Unit IV


Theories of Self (Freud, Cooley and Mead Culture) Culture

Culture and Civilization

Social Processes and Problems

Unit I

Social Processes

Unit II

Social Groups

Unit III

Social Institutions

Education, Religion and Economy

Unit IV

Social Control

Social Deviance

Society, Culture and Social


Unit I


Unit II



Social Control

Unit III

Processes of Social Change

Unit IV

Social Stratification

Indian Society

Unit I

Evolution of Indian Society

Unit II

Caste, theories of the Caste system and its changing dimensions in India

Dominant caste

Unit III

Processes of Social Change in India

Unit IV

Social Issues and Problems

Social Research

Unit I

Social Research

Unit II

Research Methods

Unit III

Techniques of Data Collection

Unit IV

Statistical Analysis and Use of Computer in Social


Measures of Central Tendency

Use of Computer in Social Research

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CUET PG 2022 Sociology Preparation Tips

The key to passing any test is always to prepare constructively and methodically. The following are some crucial preparation suggestions for the CUET PG Sociology exam:

1. Analyze the Syllabus

It's crucial to analyze the syllabus when preparing for any exam. Before beginning their preparation, one should read over the CUET PG Sociology course in its entirety. To fully comprehend the subject, it is helpful to analyze units and subjects. A candidate should make unit-by-unit notes so they won't overlook any areas of study they haven't read.

2. Get Familiar with the Subject

Candidates should start with the fundamentals to become familiar with the subject. To lay a solid preparational basis, read up on the subject's fundamental concepts. and then on to the topics at the following level. It will make it easier to gradually learn the curriculum.

3. Make a Study Plan

While reading the material, candidates should provide enough time. Depending on how well-rounded the candidate is, each topic takes a specific length of time. So it is necessary to design a study plan taking the available time into account.

4. Read and Practice

The unit-specific subjects should be extensively read by candidates. Important passages that may raise questions should be noted down as you read them. The applicants will be able to determine it by looking at the exam papers from prior years. Their comprehension of the desired responses will improve. Candidates must use example test papers to practice after thoroughly reading and memorizing the topics. Every error may be found and corrected with enough practice. In this way, the candidates will have the ability to give their preparation a useful shape.

5. Evaluate Your Understanding

It is necessary to evaluate. Preparing for exams is a critical phase. Through practice exams, applicants must gauge their learning potential. It gives candidates a glimpse of an actual exam situation. By taking numerous mock exams, they will get the ability to manage their time efficiently and quickly while maintaining correctness, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Q: What are the main topics in the CUET Sociology exam?

A: There are 10 units, and the questions can be asked from all those chapters. Let us see what they are:

● Structure of Indian Society

● Social Institutions: Continuity and Change

● Social Inequality and Exclusion

● The Challenges of Unity in Diversity

● Process of Social Change in India

● Social Change and the Polity

● Social Change and the Economy

● Arenas of Social Change

● New Arenas of Social Change

● Social Movements

Q: Has the official CUET Sociology Syllabus changed recently?

A: The sociology portion of the CUET syllabus has not recently changed. However, any such modification to the CUET Domain Subjects will be disclosed in advance by the exam authority, i.e., NTA.

Q: How many parts in total make up the CUET 2022 sociology syllabus?

A: The sociology syllabus for CUET 2022 consists of a total of 10 units. Ten sociology subject units will be the source of the exam's questions. The key exam subjects are available for candidates to review.

Q: What is a synopsis of the CUET Sociology Syllabus for 2022?

A: There are a total of 10 modules in the CUET Sociology Syllabus. Nearly all of these units are equally crucial for the test. The study of human societies, their relationships, and the mechanisms that preserve and transform them is the subject of the social science discipline of sociology. Understanding the themes for CUET preparation is crucial.

Q: Do I need to receive specialized instruction to pass the CUET Sociology exam?

A: Whether or if you should participate in training is entirely up to you. It is simple to pass the exam by simply adhering to the advice of experts if your basics are sound. But choosing to coach is a good idea if you want to strengthen your fundamentals.

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