CUET Syllabus 2022 (UG) [Section Wise Syllabus]

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This Central University Entrance Test (CUET) is conducted for the admission of the students into the undergraduate programs offered by the universities which come under the central government of India or we can say the universities which are funded by the University Grants Commission (UGC).

This Central University Entrance Test (CUET) is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). This entrance test will be mandatory for all central universities. State universities and Private universities are also asked to consider these entrance test scores for admission to their undergraduate and postgraduate programs. This test is now going to be mandatory so this is the latest change that is going to happen. NTA has released all required information about the exam including Eligibility criteria, Syllabus, and Exam Pattern.

This entrance test is very good from the student's perspective because earlier students have to write many exams to get admission to different universities. But now there will be just one entrance test for all the universities.

About CUET 2022 Exam

  • The Central University Entrance Test (CUET) is scheduled to take place in the first week and second week of July 2022. The last date of CUET registration is over.

  • The CUET examination will be a computer-based test and it will be conducted in online mode only. The students do not have to have high proficiency in using the computers, just a basic knowledge of computers is enough to write the CUET examination.

  • This examination is going to be conducted in 2 parts. Both the parts will be computer-based tests.

  • The CUET examination will be conducted for the 54 central universities of India.

  • The CUET examination consists of 4 sections i.e. Section IA is a 13 Languages test, section IB is a 19 languages test, Section II is a 27 Domain-specific subject test, and Section III is a General Aptitude test.

  • Section IA consists of a language test. It is a compulsory test for all the aspirants, a student will have to take the exam of any one of the 13 languages which have been offered by the NTA. The 13 languages from which the student has to choose are English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.

  • Section IB consists of a 19 languages test. The 19 languages from which the students have to choose are Kashmiri, Konkani, Bodo, Dogri, Maithili, Manipuri, Santhali, Tibetan, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, French, and Spanish, German, Nepali, Persian, Italian, Arabic, and Sindhi.

  • Section II is 27 domain-specific - subject tests. In this test, candidates have to choose from 27 subjects of which a candidate is allowed to take a maximum of 6 domain subjects that he or she desires to pursue at their undergraduate level.

  • Section III is divided into two subsections - the General test and the Language test. Subsection 1 will be a general aptitude test and Subsection 2 will be a language test. This section is optional for students.

In this article, you will get to know about the detailed syllabus of the NTA CUET Syllabus. Before starting your CUET preparation it is very important to know the complete syllabus of CUET.

CUET 2022 Syllabus

The NTA CUET Syllabus consists of subjects and syllabus of class 11th and class 12th. Mostly class 12th syllabus is very important for the NTA CUET examination. So below you will get a detailed syllabus of NTA CUET 2022.

The CUET examination is divided into 4 sections i.e. Section IA - 13 Languages test, Section IB - 19 Languages test, Section II - 27 Domain-specific subject test, and section III - general aptitude test.

CUET Syllabus 2022 for UG Courses

CUET Syllabus of Section 1A (Language Test)

  • The questions in this section will test one’s proficiency in the language, based on comprehension passages, fundamentals of grammar, and vocabulary.

  • In the Comprehension section, candidates will be evaluated on their understanding of a passage and its central theme, meanings of words used therein, etc.

  • The Grammar section entails correcting grammatically incorrect sentences, filling blanks in sentences with appropriate words, etc.

  • Questions on synonyms & antonyms will check one’s command of English vocabulary.

CUET Syllabus of Section 1B (Language Test)

  • As mentioned above section 1B is also a language test where you can choose any one language from the available 19 languages.

  • The syllabus of section 1B varies based on the language you select. A basic language test will be done to make sure you are aware of the language chosen.

  • This section will be consisting of 40 Questions, you have to answer them in 45 minutes.

Section 2 - NTA CUET 2022 Syllabus of Domain Subjects

For students from any stream, the domain subjects will be common to the ones they have studied from Class XI onwards. Surprisingly, the syllabus of both XI and XII sessions can be asked.

Choose the domain in which you want to pursue a degree. The syllabus of domain-specific subjects varies based on the subject you choose.

You can choose up to 6 different domain subjects, and you have to take an exam for each domain subject.

List of subjects offered under CUET 2022






Business studies




Political Science

Information Practices

Physical Education


Legal Studies

Home Science







Fine Arts

Engineering Graphics

Environmental Studies

Mass Communication

CUET Syllabus for General Aptitude Test

The questions in this section will test one’s knowledge of our country’s past, present, and future. In this section, questions will be asked on static general knowledge, while questions on current affairs measure a candidate’s knowledge of international and national current affairs.

Below you will find the topics from which the questions will be asked in the CUET general aptitude test.

  1. General Knowledge

  2. Current Affairs

  3. General Mental Ability

  4. Numerical Ability

  5. Quantitative Reasoning (simple application of basic mathematical concepts arithmetic/ algebra geometry/mensuration/ statistics taught till grade 8th).

  6. Logical and Analytical Reasoning.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) About CUET 2022 Syllabus

Q1) Did the CUET Syllabus vary for each university?

A) No, the syllabus will not vary based on the universities. The syllabus varies based on the domain subject you have chosen.

Q2) Is the CUET Syllabus the same for both UG and PG Courses?

A)No, the syllabus for both UG and PG courses is different. Check out the official notification to get the complete details about the PG syllabus and courses offered under PG by different universities.

Q3) Why CUET 2022 Syllabus important?

A) CUET UG syllabus data is very big. It is not required for you to know the complete syllabus. Go through the syllabus based on the domain subject you have chosen.

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