Overview: Making a study plan may be familiar if you have undergone multiple school and college exams. However, CUET, an entrance exam taken by millions of students, requires a one-of-a-kind approach. This article provides a framework for creating a productive CUET study plan 2024. 

During the previous academic session, many candidates obtained perfect scores on the CUET 2024 in various subjects. This highlights the question of the exam's level of complexity. While it presents challenges, dedicated effort and intelligent planning can result in incredible outcomes. 

The main goal of CUET is to evaluate language abilities, subject matter proficiency, and general aptitude. Mastering the content in these areas is the strategy, emphasising practice and revision. 

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Points to Remember While Making a CUET Study Plan 2024 

When developing a study plan for the Common Universities Entrance Test, keep the following factors in mind. 

  • Build on your strengths, work on your weakness - Minn Tan 

To begin, consider your abilities and limitations and manage your time accordingly. 

  • Structure provides clarity 

Before establishing a strategy, familiarize yourself with the paper structure and major CUET concepts. This will help you determine which topics to prioritize. 

Prioritize the areas with the highest number of marks so that you have a higher chance of scoring. 

  • Intervals are essential 

In your daily schedule, divide all subjects into equal time intervals. 

  • A to-do list can save your life 

Maintain a daily study checklist to ensure you do not miss any topics. 

  • Time table should be a mix of both

Don't always include difficult concepts, and try to mix and match them. In this way, you can build interest in studying more and avoid boredom. 

  • Do what you like first! 

Study the subject or topic you are most interested in at first, then move on to additional subjects. 

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How Should a CUET Preparation Day Begin? 

As the saying goes, "The early bird catches the worm." Begin your day early to devote more time to CUET 2024 preparations

Begin by reading multiple newspapers about CUET-preparing subjects. By doing so, you would begin your day in a boring manner. 

Have a do-list and targets to achieve on a sheet, and start crossing them off as you finish each chapter. 

This will provide you with a sense of accomplishment. Start your day with difficult subjects; you might add difficult energy for the rest of your day.  

Remember to stay hydrated and take breaks as required. 

Timetable for CUET Study Plan 2024 

Setting a goal assists in preparing a well-structured study plan and brings you closer to your objectives. Each of your preparation strategies will be unique. 

Making a study plan and carrying out activities on time can help you improve your CUET Preparation, achieve excellent scores, and stay motivated. 

Most of you are probably simultaneously preparing for the entrance and board exams. Assume you have 6 hours to prepare per day; organize your preparation as follows: 

  • 3 hours for CUET preparation (language & aptitude) 
  • 3 hours for board exams 

The domain subjects syllabus will be the same as what you studied in grades 11 and 12. As a result, studying for the board examinations will also assist you in studying for the domain-specific test. Board exams are essential for tie-breakers; therefore, do not overlook them. Students who perform well on the board tend to perform well on the CUET. 

Preparations must occur simultaneously because the cuet syllabus for boards and domain subjects may be similar. 

Each of you will have a different preparation schedule. However, if you follow the regularly scheduled CUET study plan described below, you will most likely perform well on both the board examinations and the CUET. 

Subject Preferred Time Limit
Reading Newspaper 45 minutes
Language 1 hour
Aptitude 1-1.5 hours
Specific Domain Subject 1-1.5 hours
Board exams 2-2.5 hours
Revision for the day and planning for the next day 1 hour
Solve Previous Year's Question Papers Weekly twice
Mock tests Weekly twice

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Subject-Wise CUET Study Plan 2024 

The entrance exam is divided into four sections, according to the CUET Exam Pattern 2024. You can plan your preparation for the Common Universities Entrance Test by reviewing the subject-wise study plan provided below. 

Please understand the exam structure for the relevant courses and college; do not start your preparations without that. 

CUET Study Plan 2024 for Language Test 

The language questions of the NTA CUET Exam 2024 are primarily based on multiple types of reading comprehension passages. 

  • Solve 5-10 sentence rearrangement and para jumble questions every day. 
  • Revise basic vocabulary and practice different types of questions. 
  • Solve 4-5 RCs every day, along with revising literary devices. 
  • Practice filling in the blanks of different kinds. 
  • The questions evaluate your understanding of a passage and its central theme, meanings of words used therein, etc. 
  • The grammar section entails correcting grammatically incorrect sentences, filling in blanks in sentences with appropriate words, etc.  
  • Give more time in the study plan for topics like synonyms, antonyms, idioms & phrases, and reading comprehension. 
  • Begin your preparation by assigning a fixed time for each topic and completing all the topics on time. 
  • Reading newspapers can also help improve your vocabulary.  
  • Practice many sample papers and solve mocks without which your preparations are incomplete.  

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CUET Study Plan 2024 Domain-Specific Test 

The domain-specific section will consist of 27 subjects, from which you must select six domains corresponding to the UG course you wish to pursue. 

  • The majority of the questions will be of the 12th-grade level. NCERT texts must be your guide if you want to pass CUET. Prepare word for word to pass the CUET with excellent scores. 
  • In your CUET study plan, spend the most attention on domain subjects. 
  • You can enrol in CUET online classes to thoroughly understand the concepts and identify quick ways to answer questions. 
  • The first step in preparing for your domain subjects is to list the entire syllabus and work through the topics in increasing order of difficulty. Finish the easier topics that you are confident in first, then go on to the more difficult subjects. 
  • Analyze previous year's question papers and mock tests to determine your level of preparedness in your selected domain subjects. Continue to practice where you are weak until you improve. 
  • By examining the CUET 2024 Syllabus, you can determine what to study in each domain-specific subject. 

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CUET Study Plan 2024 for Aptitude Test 

This section aims to evaluate your language, aptitude, logical reasoning skills, and general knowledge. 

The following are some of the best aptitude preparation tips for the CUET exam: 

  • Cover NCERT topics and focus on important scoring topics such as arithmetic - proportions, ratios, averages, mixtures, work and time, compound interest, speed distance, etc. 
  • Invest at least one hour daily in CUET preparation, and divide the subjects you must study daily in your study plan. 
  • Your study plan should also include taking CUET Mock Tests and sectional tests. 
  • Make a list of key terms or complex formulas from the material you are studying to help in revision. 
  • If you are well-versed in a topic, dedicate less attention to it. Instead, spend more attention on complicated topics. 
  • Practice five questions daily, and there is an ICT and current affairs part. 
  • Solve CUET sample papers and take mock tests. 

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In conclusion, a well-planned CUET study plan is essential for successful preparation in 2024. It enables candidates to utilize their time and increase their chances of success more effectively.

Candidates can confidently approach the Common University Entrance Test by modifying the plan, remaining disciplined, and seeking help as needed. Good luck with your CUET 2024 preparation! 

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Key Takeaways:

  • CUET is a significant entrance exam with a unique approach, and dedicated effort paired with intelligent planning can lead to exceptional results.
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses, familiarize yourself with the CUET paper structure, and prioritize high-mark areas.
  • Use intervals in your daily schedule, maintain a checklist, mix difficult and easy topics, and start with subjects of interest.
  • Equally divide preparation time between CUET and board exams, leveraging the overlap in the syllabus.
  • CUET comprises of language tests, domain-specific tests, and aptitude tests, emphasising practice, mock tests, and NCERT texts.
  • A strategic and disciplined CUET study plan is pivotal for optimal preparation, enabling candidates to increase their chances of success in 2024.


Is CUET focused solely on academic subjects?

No, CUET evaluates candidates on their language capabilities, specific subject proficiency, and general aptitude. 

How should I prioritize my study time for CUET preparation?

Start by focusing on your strengths and weaknesses, allocate time according to paper patterns and important topics, prioritize sections with more marks, and ensure a balanced approach between different subjects. 

How should I allocate my study time if I'm preparing for both CUET and board exams?

If you study 6 hours a day, consider allocating 3 hours for CUET preparation focusing on language and aptitude, and 3 hours for board exams. Since the syllabus for both can overlap, simultaneous preparation can be beneficial. 

What is the recommended study plan in terms of time distribution for CUET subjects?

An example time distribution is: Reading Newspaper (45 minutes), Language (1 hour), Aptitude (1-1.5 hours), Specific Domain Subject (1-1.5 hours), Board exams (2-2.5 hours), and Revision & Planning (1 hour). Remember to also solve previous year's question papers and mock tests twice a week. 

What topics and areas should I focus on for the CUET language test?

The language test focuses on reading comprehension passages, sentence rearrangement, vocabulary, grammar corrections, and literary devices. It's important to practice various types of questions and also improve vocabulary by reading newspapers. 

How should I approach the CUET domain-specific test?

This section will consist of 27 subjects, and you'll choose six domains that align with your desired UG course. Use NCERT textbooks as primary study material, list down the syllabus, prioritize topics, and continually practice using previous year's papers and mock tests. 

What are some preparation tips for the CUET aptitude test?

Focus on NCERT topics and key areas like arithmetic, logical reasoning, and general knowledge. Allocate at least an hour daily, jot down essential terms, and practice questions from ICT and current affairs daily. Always make use of sample papers and mock tests.