Overview: Do you want to score big in CUET 2024? Refer to these Must-Have CUET Preparation Books!

Preparing for the Common University Entrance Exam (CUET) can be challenging because it covers many subjects. So, the quest for the right preparation materials may take centre stage.

Having the right companions, CUET Preparation Books, is paramount to succeed in this exam. These ideal resources can be the key to deepening your understanding, honing your skills, and instilling the confidence needed to excel in this critical examination.

Here's a helpful way to prepare: First, divide the subjects you've chosen into the three sections of the CUET 2024 exam. Then, list out all the topics related to each subject. The key is to use CUET books that cover all these topics thoroughly. That way, you'll be well-prepared for the CUET!

Table of Content 

Here are topics that will be discussed in this blog: 

  • Best Preparation Books for Domain-Specific Subjects: Dive into the most recommended books tailored to each domain-specific subject to master the content.
  • Best Books for CUET Aptitude Segment: Explore top choices for honing your aptitude skills, including mathematics and quantitative reasoning.
  • NTA CUET Books for General Awareness & Quantitative Aptitude: Discover the books that are your allies in the general awareness and quantitative aptitude sections.
  • CUET Preparation Books for Logical Reasoning & Analytical Skills: Unearth the best resources for sharpening your logical reasoning and analytical abilities, two key pillars of CUET success.

which Book is Best for CUET Preparation?

CUET Books for Section 1 [Language]

Be sure to explore resources that cover the complete CUET syllabus. Section I of the CUET exam focuses on language subjects, offering a choice of around 32 languages. Here are some top CUET Preparation Books for Section 1 to consider:

NCERT Books for each domain subject 
Practice sets modelled on Class exams – by Oswaal
CUET Sample Papers for General Aptitude Tests
NCERT Exemplar for each domain subject 

These resources will help you build a strong foundation for Section 1 of the CUET exam.

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CUET Preparation Books 2024 [English Language]

When it comes to CUET Preparation Books for English, mastering the art of language proficiency becomes pivotal.

These books meticulously cover the required topics, ensuring you're well-equipped to excel in the CUET examination.

CUET Preparation Books 2024  Author 
Objective General English  SP Bakshi
English Grammer and Composition  Arihant 
English is Easy  BSC Publications 
English Grammar & Composition  Wren and Martin

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CUET Preparation Books 2024 [Domain-Specific Subjects]

In Section 2 of the exam, you'll dive into subject-specific knowledge tailored to the courses you're interested in at various universities. There are 27 different domain subjects you can choose from. 

Follow the books for CUET English mentioned below: 

Subject  Book Author/Publication 
Economics (Arts, Science, and Commerce)  Arihant Publications 
Goyal and Pearson 
Accountancy (Commerce)  TS Grewal 
Business Studies (Commerce)  Poonam Gandhi 
Sandeep Garg 
Humanities (All Subjects)  Arihant Publications 
Goyal and Pearson 

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CUET Online Coaching

CUET Online Coaching

CUET Preparation Books 2024 [General Test]

Section 2 of CUET primarily focuses on the general aptitude test, commonly conducted by many universities for their broader courses like business, vocational disciplines, and management.

This section encompasses four key subject areas: Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, General and Current Affairs, and Verbal Ability. To excel in this section, consider the following top resources for CUET preparation.

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Best Books for CUET 2024 Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation (Aptitude Segment) 

 Choosing the best CUET Preparation Books is paramount for conquering the aptitude test's Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation segment.

As per the exam pattern, this section holds significant weight. While gearing up for CUET 2024, consider the following recommended CUET books for preparation: 

CUET Preparation Book 2024  Author/Publisher 
Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning  R.S. Aggarwal 
A modern approach to logical reasoning  R.S. Aggarwal 
Data Interpretation  Jaggan Saneja 

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NTA CUET Preparation Books 2024 for General Awareness & Quantitative Aptitude 

 When it comes to comprehensive CUET Preparation Books for scoring more in General Awareness and Quantitative Aptitude, the choices can significantly impact your preparation journey.

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These are the best books for CUET preparation: 

CUET Preparation Books PDF  Author 
General Knowledge  Arihant 
Disha’s Rapid General Knowledge  Disha Experts 
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examination  RS Agarwal 
Complete Mathematics Lucent's Publication 
Shortcuts in Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams  Disha Experts 
Quantitative aptitude for all competitive exam  Abhijeet Gupta 

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NTA CUET Preparation Books 2024 for Logical Reasoning & Analytical Skills 

 Check out the books for CUET preparation for this section:

Best Books for CUET Preparation  Author 
Analytical Reasoning and Logical Reasoning Arihant Publication 
Verbal and non-verbal reasoning  R.S. Aggarwal 
Analytical Biochemistry  Holme 
Data interpretation  RS Agarwal and Arun Sharma

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CUET Mock Test

CUET Mock Test

How to Select the Best Books for CUET 2024? 

Here are the tips for choosing the best books for CUET Preparation

  • Go through the book's description to understand better the topics included in the book before choosing it. 
  • Read the book review from authentic sources before buying the book to get an idea of whether the book will serve your purpose. 
  • Search for books published by renowned publications as they update the books following the latest changes in the question paper. 

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In conclusion, the right CUET 2024 preparation books can be your guiding stars. Remember, meticulous selection ensures you're armed with the best resources.

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Here are the key takeaways: 

  • Thorough Book Selection: Dive into book descriptions and authentic reviews to ensure alignment with your needs. 
  • Renowned Publishers: Opt for books from established publishers for up-to-date content. 
  • Domain-Specific Mastery: Choose wisely from various recommended books for Domain-Specific Subjects. 
  • Aptitude Excellence: Empower yourself with books that enhance logical reasoning, data interpretation, and quantitative aptitude skills. 
  • Language Proficiency: Elevate your English language prowess with meticulously curated books. 

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How should I prepare for the English section of CUET?

Mastering language proficiency is crucial. Opt for books like "Objective General English," "English Grammar and Composition," and "English is Easy" to excel in this segment. 

Which book is best for CUET preparation?

Essential CUET 2024 books include "Objective General English," "English Grammar and Composition," "English is Easy," "English Grammar & Composition," and "Wren and Martin."

How should I select domain-specific subjects for CUET 2024?

Out of 27 subjects, choose six domains that align with your UG aspirations for a focused approach in the examination. 

Which subjects are covered in the CUET 2024 domain-specific preparation books?

Subjects such as Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies, and Humanities are covered in recommended books like "Exam Idea," "TS Grewal," "Poonam Gandhi," and more. 

How do renowned publications contribute to CUET preparation?

Books from established publishers continuously update content to align with the latest changes in the question paper, ensuring you're well-prepared for the exam.