Overview: Prepare for the CUET 2024 economics exam using the NTA CUET syllabus. Download the CUET Economics Syllabus 2024 PDF to organise your preparation utilising full curriculum material. Learn about the eligibility criteria and efficient preparation tactics for the CUET exam. 

The National Testing Agency publishes the CUET economic syllabus online. Candidates interested in the CUET 2024 exam can access the CUET Economics Syllabus 2024 PDF on the official website.

To guarantee that students do not miss anything, NTA will issue a full curriculum that encompasses CUET economic syllabus 2024, including chapters, subjects, and sub-topics. Candidates must review the CUET 2024 exam pattern in order to properly prepare for the CUET exam. 

The CUET results will be used to determine a candidate's admission to CUET participating universities. For the exam, the candidate must be familiar with the CUET syllabus 2024 component by section. The CUET UG 2024 exam will be held in accordance with the official CUET Entrance Exam schedule. 

CUET Economics Syllabus 2024 

Candidates planning to take economics as a topic in the CUET entrance exam 2024 should familiarise themselves with the syllabus. The topic of CUET economics syllabus will be announced soon by the conducting authorities. Candidates should review the brief economic syllabus for CUET below. They can also view the CUET Economics syllabus, which is provided below. 

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Economics (COQP10)  

Micro Economics:  

  • Consumer Theory or Behavior: Demand, Utility, Indifference Curve, Revealed Preference Theory, Consumer Surplus 
  • Production Theory: Production Function, Law of Variable Proportions, Returns to Scale, Cost Function, types and concept 
  • Price and Output determination in Market: Perfect and Imperfect Competition (Monopoly, Price Discrimination, Monopolistic, Duopoly and Oligopoly models), General Equilibrium, Efficiency and Welfare: Equilibrium and efficiency under pure exchange and production; overall efficiency and welfare economics, externality 

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Macro Economics: 

  • National Income Accounting 
  • Income and Output Determination: Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply, Effective Demand Principle, Classical and Keynesian Theory 

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Money and Inflation:  

  • Demand and Supply of Money, Money Multiplier and High-Powered Money, Credit Creation, Role of Reserve Bank of India and Commercial Banks, Quantitative Theories of Money, Philip’s Curve 
  • Monetary and Fiscal Policy of India and its role. 

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CUET Online Coaching

CUET Online Coaching

Consumption and Investment Function: 

  • Permanent, Relative and Life Cycle Hypothesis, determinants of business fixed investment; residential investment and inventory investment, Multiplier and Accelerator 
  • Open Economy Models: Mundell and Fleming Model (IS, LM and BP curve), Balance of Payments, exchange rate determination, Purchasing Power Parity 
  • Economic Growth: Harrod-Domar Model, Solow Model 

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Statistical Methods in Economics: 

  • Mean, Mode, Median, Dispersion, Skewness, Quartile Deviation, Average Deviation, Standard Deviation 
  • Correlation 
  • Simple Regression Model Probability Distribution Sampling 

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Mathematical Methods in Economics: 

  • Sets and Vector 
  • Functions of one and several real variables Single and Multi-variable optimization Integration of functions 
  • Difference equations 
  • Determinants Matrix 
  • Linear Programming Probability 
  • Differential Equations 

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Indian Economy:  

Overview of colonial economy: 

  • Macro Trends: National Income, population, occupational structure. 
  • Agriculture: Agrarian structure and land relations; agricultural markets and institutions - credit, commerce and technology; trends in performance and productivity; famines. 
  • Railways and Industry: Railways; the de-industrialization debate; evolution of entrepreneurial and industrial structure; nature of industrialization in the interwar period; constraints to industrial breakthrough; labour relations. 
  • Economy and State in the Imperial Context 
  • The imperial priorities and the Indian economy, drain of wealth, international trade, capital 
  • Flows and the colonial economy – changes and continuities; government and fiscal policy. 
  • New Economic Policy: 
  • Public Economics: Public and Private Goods, Externalities, Budget, Deficits, Public Debt, Fiscal Federalism in India, 
  • Taxation: its economic effects; deadweight loss and distortion; efficiency and equity considerations; tax incidence; optimal taxation. 
  • International Trade Theories: Adam Smith, Ricardo, Heckscher-Ohlin model and NewTrade Theories 

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CUET Economics Eligibility Criteria 2024 

Before applying for the CUET 2024 exam, candidates should review the eligibility requirements listed by the universities. The following are the comprehensive CUET eligibility standards for Chemistry for each university: 

  • The applicant should have finished their 12th grade examination or its equivalent from an accredited educational institution or board. 
  • Universities have differing criteria for the minimum percentage of marks required in Class 12, applicable to all candidate categories. 
  • Certain universities enforce age constraints on their students. Prospective candidates can confirm eligibility criteria on the official website. 
  • Additionally, specific subject-related eligibility conditions exist for 12th-grade qualifications. These conditions are contingent on the university and program to which the application is being made. 

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CUET Mock Tests

CUET Mock Tests

CUET 2024 Preparation Strategy 2024 

Candidates preparing up for the CUET 2024 test need to formulate a strategy. By methodically readying themselves for the exam, candidates will enhance their readiness. To aid you in excelling in Economics, we've outlined the subsequent CUET 2024 preparation strategy: 

  • Familiarize yourself with the entire CUET economics curriculum. Grasping the syllabus will not only give insights into the exam's structure but also pinpoint key subjects assessed in the test. 
  • Identify your strong points and areas that need improvement in your preparation for each subject. 
  • Craft a study schedule for your preparation. This plan can help candidates tackle each topic systematically and ensure an equitable distribution of time among them. 
  • Regularly practicing several questions per topic is crucial. This practice aids in clarifying concepts and enhancing your speed. 
  • Engage with previous years' question papers and mock tests, which encompass a range of questions. 

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In conclusion, a thorough understanding of the CUET 2024 Economics syllabus is essential for successful CUET preparation. With the provided insights, downloadable syllabus, and strategic tips, aspiring candidates can navigate the complexities of the exam and enhance their chances of securing admission to prestigious universities.

Start your preparation journey today to achieve your academic goals with confidence. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • Access the CUET Economics Syllabus on NTA website for a comprehensive overview.
  • Understand the exam pattern to prepare effectively for CUET 2024.
  • CUET results determine admission to universities, emphasizing the need for thorough preparation.
  • Review university-specific eligibility criteria, including educational qualifications and age restrictions.
  • Develop a structured preparation strategy, identify strengths and weaknesses, and practice previous years' questions.
  • Begin early preparation to boost confidence and secure admission to prestigious institutions.

Know why: Why CUET is important?


Why is its CUET economics syllabus important?

CUET 2024 is an entrance exam for university admissions. Understanding its economics syllabus is crucial for targeted preparation to secure a good score and gain admission to preferred universities. 

Where can I find the CUET 2024 economics syllabus?

The CUET 2024 economics syllabus is available for download in PDF format on the official CUET website. 

What does the economics syllabus for CUET 2024 cover?

The economics syllabus covers Micro and Macro Economics, Statistical and Mathematical Methods, Indian Economy, and more. 

How should I strategize my preparation based on the CUET economics syllabus?

Review the syllabus thoroughly, identify your strengths and weaknesses, create a study plan, and focus on practicing questions from each topic. 

Are CUET scores important for university admission?

Yes, CUET scores play a significant role in determining your admission to participating universities. 

How should I approach preparing for CUET 2024?

Understand the syllabus, assess your strengths and weaknesses, create a study plan, and practice previous year's questions to excel in the exam. 

Is there any advice for mastering the mathematical aspects of the CUET economics syllabus?

Focus on the mathematical methods section, practice integration, differentiation, and optimization problems regularly to build a strong foundation.